Group Work that Works

Educators provide suggestions for avoiding the frequent hazards of group work. When you bring up group work, you’ll be met with tough inquiries and judgments. According to our readership, the following are the major issues: One or two students handle all of the work, which can be difficult for introverts, and group grading isn’t fair … Read more

When Young Children Return To Classroom

During the covid times when young ones are more habitual of staying with the parents, in their bedroom, or studying virtually. The students in this period are exposed less to the big classrooms, exposure to a large number of students, in-person learning, etc. This seems quite challenging to cope with the kids when they return … Read more

How to teach Paraphrase to the students?

It’s difficult for students to move from replicating an author’s words to accepting the challenge of expressing that author’s thoughts in their own words while discussing the material in the classroom (paraphrasing). However, good paraphrasing must be taught since it aids in the development of crucial literacy skills: It motivates students to read more, promotes … Read more

Too much Focus on ‘Learning Loss’ will be a Historic Mistake

Learning loss is genuine and must be tackled, but how people go about doing so should be proportional to the magnitude of the problem. Despite our natural skepticism and all the adaptations and sacrifices we’ve come to expect, a kind of miracle is looming on the horizon. According to studies published by the Centers for … Read more

The value of active listening |  How to do proactive listening?

Nobody likes to hear this from a friend or a co-worker, “Are you even listening?” That affects a relationship. One needs to be an active listener to make a good impression, create a good bond, look attentive, etc. Active listening is one of the most important abilities in good communication. Developing this soft skill can … Read more

Enhancing Parent’s Involvement in Students’ Education by Home visits 101 

Parents and teachers have a duty to assist their children to learn and achieve educational goals, according to the notion of parent participation. Parental involvement and engagement in school are on the wane, it is more important than ever. In 2016, a study revealed a decrease in the number of parents who feel that close … Read more

8 Underlying truths about teaching the Writing to Middle School students

Middle school is the time in a student’s life that is following elementary school but before high school. Middle school students are more prone to imagining now, getting more creative. It is really important to provide them with better teaching so that they can manifest their skills better and in a sorted way. One type … Read more

Tips for the new Teachers on how to Talk to Parents

Families can have a better knowledge of their children as students by attending a parent-teacher conference. A parent-teacher meeting provides a chance for parents and teachers to share their observations on their children. Sharing everyday experiences and observations opens up more opportunities for parents and teachers to plan, prepare, and carry out plans for a … Read more

Using Video Content In Classroom To Amplify Learning

With the popularity of digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, and all the video content gaining attention and continuing to grow, it seems only reasonable that this well-known and widely used medium should indeed be extended into the educational system.  First-time appointed teachers, much of the time battle to find techniques to enhance … Read more