How your book links help you promote your book

In this article, How your book links help you promote your book – we will closely look at the ways we can use our books link to promote them on the internet. Also, we will see some of the online book promoting platforms that we can use to make our book more visible. Be it your physically published book or your ebooks, as long as the link to your book is available to you, you can read this article and use it for your own benefit.

When do you use a comma before or after but

Grammar is always stressful when you have missed the basics but now that you are working on it, it’ll get better and easier to understand most of the needed grammatical terms! Sometimes, when you are writing, a lot of confusion happens. But if you are stuck with this particular confusion of using ‘but’ and commas … Read more

How can you pick a title to help your book discovery online?

Thinking of a name for your precious book requires not only creativity but also some smartness as we know today the world is expanding not only in reality but also digitally which also includes readers! In this article you will be able to get an idea about – How can you pick a title to help your book discovery online?

Highlighting Creative Annotations

Annotating texts isn’t the most engaging reading comprehension technique. Even the mention of the term annotates elicited stares of bemusement or boredom in my classroom. Students’ only involvement with the book has been through traditional annotations. When students are asked to highlight key parts of texts, they frequently choose the first line that appeals to … Read more

Outline your Novel using Snowflake Outline Method

Writing is not so easy job. Trust me, when you have the idea in your mind, it does look error-free and so stunning and you can’t stop yourself from admiring how amazing your brain is until you try and put those ideas and thoughts on paper or screen. Well, that’s when the real work starts. … Read more

How many sentences in a paragraph are too many sentences?

If you love to write in the English language, you know how much grammar and the written language structure is important especially from a linguistic point of view, things like phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics are the most important areas that one uses while analyzing a text and sometimes it’s not the literary … Read more

When to add Comma (,) before or after Which

English Grammar can get confusing at times as we all know that English is a growing language that has many versions. A writer who might know things already can still get confused sometimes and the reasons can be many but mostly the confusion is because of too many terms that sound the same with a … Read more

What is the difference between the words -May be vs maybe?

The grammar of the English language is very interesting like when you actually do your research and have enough passion for the English language grammar you will know what I mean. English Grammar is like a place that you know but then you face an exception and *boom* the place feels quite strange but at the same time very interesting. But yes, sometimes it gets really really confusing especially when you need to deal with the words that play dual roles in parts of speech and that is when you come up with questions like the one this article is going to answer and that is – What is the difference between the words -May be vs maybe?

Seven must-have online writing apps for writers

In this article, you will find – Seven must-have online writing apps for writers. The apps will cover different areas of writing and some will help you keep updated about what is happening in the writing world. If you are a novel writer, blogger, article writer, journalist, etc then keep reading!