Outline your Novel using Snowflake Outline Method

Writing is not so easy job. Trust me, when you have the idea in your mind, it does look error-free and so stunning and you can’t stop yourself from admiring how amazing your brain is until you try and put those ideas and thoughts on paper or screen. Well, that’s when the real work starts. It starts with writing itself. Now, Novel is something that a lot of writers are really passionate about and we keep on daydreaming about the novel we will write one day. But why one day why not start already and make it day one! Perhaps you have already made your mind to write it and I hope that’s what brings you to read this article.

Now, the thing is, you dream of writing a novel, you might have the idea what it will be about but still you don’t know where to start and that’s the thing that stops you to sit and start writing your precious story already. That might change today since you are reading this article that is going to definitely help you start writing your book and guide you to Outline your Novel using Snowflake Outline Method.

Outlining a Novel is a very smart thing, it not only helps you to sort out your Novel but also gives you a clear image of what you are doing and including in your novel and whether you should include or exclude some of the stuff from your book. A proper outlining method also helps you to find the loopholes in your plot as well as make it error-free. Yeah, there are Pantser writers as well and if you want you can try your hand at writing like that too but why not try plotting your book already and save yourself some time to deal with other messy parts of your book? We have a method for you that you can try. If you want to check it out – continue reading!

Snowflake Outline Method

There are a lot of novel outlining methods that you can check on the net like the In-depth outline method, Synopsis outline method, Bookend method, timelines method, spreadsheet method, the tree method, and many more! In this article, we will talk about the Snowflake Outline Method that a lot of plotters recommend trying for outlining your book.

Before we get to the Snowflake Outline Method let us thank the person who formed this method to help the writers organize their thoughts on paper. And the person is Randy Ingermanson. You can visit Randy’s website by clicking here to know all about him and his Novels and Series. (Also, you must read about him in the about section, it’ll be one of the most interesting Bio you will ever read!)

So, What is a Snowflake Outline Method?

In one sentence – It is putting the main and core idea of your novel in one sentence and then expanding that idea just like a snowflake takes place as a tiny dust particle before coming in contact with water vapor and getting that crystal shape.

Let us now see the process step by step –

Step one – Take some hours and write a one-sentence summary of your novel. We are talking about the main idea, the core of your novel. You must have read those one-line descriptions on the bestseller novels that urge you to just buy the book itself? Yes, that’s what we are talking about here. Write the main idea, it may take a few hours but you can do it!

Step two – Now that you have put the idea on the paper or your screen, it is time to turn that one line into a paragraph. The sentence should contain the timeline, story set-up, the major conflict, and ending of the novel. It should tell how it starts, how it’ll go, and how it’ll end.

Step three – It’s time to write your characters. Start with your main character. Who is the character? What does it do? What is the conflict that your main character is going to face? Oh! and what’s the name of the character, storyline, goals, and all of it. It may take a day or two but write all of it down.

Step four – Now start adding more details to your paragraphs, descriptions, and details. Start expanding turn the one paragraph into one page! You will be surprised to see how you are adding the details effortlessly and you are also getting a lot of new ideas!

Step five – Take two to three days, work on those characters. Start writing a whole page concerning your major characters as well as at least write about half a page for your minor characters. Make sure that you allow your characters to develop throughout the novel.

Step six – Now you start expanding even more! One page synopsis to perhaps four or five pages synopsis.

Step seven – At this stage, you keep getting back and forth, expanding and working on plot holes and the logical chain of events, descriptions until you are satisfied with the outline and you can see the clear picture. Until then it is the same, start with one sentence and then add more details.

Originally, these are ten steps that you can find in the article written by Randy Ingermanson which you can find by clicking here. If you need more details for this method you can also get his best-selling book named ‘How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method’ which is easily available on Amazon!

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the base of the Snowflake Outlining Method. Thank you for visiting the page!

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