How your book links help you promote your book

In this article, How your book links help you promote your book – we will closely look at the ways we can use our books link to promote them on the internet. Also, we will see some of the online book promoting platforms that we can use to make our book more visible. Be it your physically published book or your ebooks, as long as the link to your book is available to you, you can read this article and use it for your own benefit.

11 Tips For Teaching Preschool Effectively Online

For many early childhood educators, virtual learning is a novel concept. Working with children online is difficult since so much of our work with young children is centered on relationships. While you may not be able to replicate the experiences of an in-person classroom, you can create an engaging and developmentally appropriate online environment to … Read more

5 Amazing Free Writing Softwares/Apps for Writers

Writing is not always fun, sometimes it gets quite frustrating and draining. Right? But since things are growing digitally and now that most of us are writing on the screen we can get help from the apps and software that help us lessen some of our work burdens. So in this article, you will find – 5 Amazing Free Writing Softwares/Apps for Writers – apps and software that you can use free of charge.

Providing rich Educational Experiences for all Students

Students learn best when they are participating in genuine activities and working and learning cooperatively with others to expand their understanding and transfer information and abilities to new situations and issues. This provides chances for students to expand their knowledge in ways that complement their culture, past knowledge, and experience while also assisting learners in … Read more

When do you use a comma before or after but

Grammar is always stressful when you have missed the basics but now that you are working on it, it’ll get better and easier to understand most of the needed grammatical terms! Sometimes, when you are writing, a lot of confusion happens. But if you are stuck with this particular confusion of using ‘but’ and commas … Read more

What Math looks for?

 Numbers and graphs are the focus of math. Students don’t usually write much, except for discussing how they arrived at a particular conclusion. Nonetheless, because reading and writing are crucial learning tools, they can be advantageous in math as well. Methods for finding the maximum or minimum of two numbers, rounding values, logarithmic functions, square … Read more

Inquiry-Based Tasks in Social Studies

Inquiry-based learning can be explored through assignments that are larger than a lesson but less than a unit. The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards is being adopted by many schools both nationally and globally. Some states, districts, and schools embrace the entire framework and set of standards, while … Read more

Designing a Public School from scratch

The offer was too tempting to pass up: a paid year off from teaching to help establish a new Public School with the purpose of “changing the way we do school.” The sabbatical promised Tom Downs, a 26-year teaching veteran, and the other applicants the chance to construct the Public School of their dreams, working … Read more