How to support Middle and High School Students with Dyslexia?

Students who lack the core ability to read face a variety of difficulties in the classroom. They require adequate evaluations in order for instructors to give successful education. Educators can accommodate dyslexic pupils in three ways once they have been diagnosed as middle school or high school students. Both middle school and high school children … Read more

Preparing Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The DEI approach helps institutions or organizations achieve greater results. Many organizations have attempted to achieve these objectives, but success has been slow. Many people are currently trying to make the necessary adjustments so that employees may work in safe and inclusive environments. We’ve outlined how you get from plan to action in creating a … Read more

10 Most Significant Education Studies of 2022

It has been an unprecedentedly difficult year for teachers and principals. We sifted through hundreds of studies to see if we could track exactly what’s going on: Studies reveal a complex year in which millions of educators were affected by persistent burnout issues and physical and mental health. Meanwhile, many of the old debates continue: … Read more

6 Techniques for Building Reading Skills

As avid literature lovers, teachers often want to impart all their knowledge of popular texts to their students. This is not just an ELA topic – other disciplines often focus on the content of texts. However, teaching reading literacy in English courses and all subjects is almost a surefire way to help students retain content. … Read more

Advantages of working with Student-Teachers

When it comes to student teaching, you may find yourself in a challenging situation. You can get a cooperating teacher who just does not want to work with a student-teacher. Or perhaps your personalities are at odds. Perhaps you have those pupils that irritate you to no end.  Teachers are required to fight that first … Read more

A Framework for Whole-Class Discussions

An exercise called the Philosophical Chair is a general method for students to talk and listen to each other. This is a student-centered strategy that can be used in any content area across a variety of topics. It’s structured like a debate – with a clear goal of students being willing to change their minds. … Read more

Calvert Online Academy – Information(working, reviews, curriculum)

Calvert Academy is accredited by NCA CASI and SACS CASI of Cognia. Calvert has achieved the highest levels of excellence, which will benefit your student when applying to colleges and universities. Regarding its affordability, Calvert Academy offers a full set of courses starting at just $259/month with no registration fees, representing significant savings over traditional … Read more

Ditching the Reading Logs

Why Reading Logs is an important task? Reading logs are important in the intermediate grades to assist students and instructors keep track of their reading volume and progress. Reading logs also provide ownership of learning to students, allowing them to take charge of their education. After a few months of adopting reading logs in my … Read more

Key to Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management is the most important aspect for developing discipline and increase academic growth of the students. A three-phase method aids in the development of good teacher-student relationships, which can assist to prevent disruptive behavior. A classroom full of raucous pupils who are unable to focus on the lecture is a frightening but all-too-common … Read more

Reimagining Alternative Education

An alternative school is a type of school that is meant to meet the educational, behavioral, and/or medical requirements of children and adolescents that cannot be met in a typical school context. Importance of alternative education Alternative schools can provide a safer therapeutic atmosphere and more tailored treatment for children and adolescents with psychiatric and … Read more