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Calvert Academy is accredited by NCA CASI and SACS CASI of Cognia. Calvert has achieved the highest levels of excellence, which will benefit your student when applying to colleges and universities.

Regarding its affordability, Calvert Academy offers a full set of courses starting at just $259/month with no registration fees, representing significant savings over traditional private schooling. Calvert’s online education is unbeatable in terms of value.

You can find a happy medium between your child’s hectic schedule and school. They collaborate with you to create your own calendar and provide access to lessons at any time of day.

How does Calvert learning work?

  • Enrolling your child in Calvert Academy, he or she will be given an individualized learning plan based on his or her goals. They will make sure that students have a solid foundation for success. After determining students’ current academic situation, they develop a lesson plan that focuses on what students need to learn in order to graduate.
  • The qualified teachers and staff keep a variety of important records for you. These records are regularly updated and can be requested by parents at any time.  Calvert Academy keeps official high school transcripts as well.
  • For $79 per month, you will be getting college credit. Calvert’s Dual Credit program allows juniors and seniors to earn high school and college credit at the same time, allowing them to save time and money while starting their college careers.

Why go for Calvert?

Calvert has been perfecting modern homeschooling since Calvert invented it 110 years ago. They keep parents assisted in educating over 600,000 students in all 50 states and more than 90 countries worldwide.

The curriculum of Calvert online homeschool

Experience with a Digital Curriculum

Students are challenged to apply what they learn in deeper, more meaningful ways through engaging projects.

Skills-building games, videos, quizzes, and virtual labs are among the interactive multimedia resources available.

Tools used by Calvert Academy for online learning 

Online lessons to teach/learn at your own pace from anywhere

Tools for evaluating knowledge, grading assignments, keeping track of progress, and more

Every year, new features are introduced (in the spirit of continuous improvement)

Features of Calvert 

  • Live teacher support 
  • Automatic grading 
  • Peer collaboration
  • Positive feedbacks
  • a U.S. High School Diploma from the State of Maryland.
  • NCAA approved courses 
  • Activities, clubs, theater, other opportunities 
  • Print content resources are available

Calvert reviews 

1.) Jacqueline H’s Calvert Review was published on January 10, 2022.

Pros: Teachers are beneficial.

Disadvantage: Everything else is a disadvantage. Your child cannot complete this task on his or her own.

Grades: sixth

2.) Meri’s Calvert Review, September 27, 2021

Advantages: Online access is convenient.

Everything else is a disadvantage. Inaccurate history and geography, reliance on testing rather than learning, no strategies for accommodating learning disabilities, poor customer service, grossly inaccurate and inappropriate sources for their “learning videos,” and a lack of information for science projects are all issues.

Sixth grade was used.

3.) Emily’s Calvert Review

13th of September, 2021

Advantages: Comprehensive, necessitates less planning

Cons: Students cannot use it independently, and kinder lessons are far above grade level.

Grade levels used: K, 4

4.) AL will conduct a review of Calvert on June 3, 2021.

Pros: It is very responsive, easy to manage, has a nice layout, and is computer-based.

Grades: None 4th used

Final Thought:

You can still do the exploration on the reviews on your part, do the research, and then give it a go! if it feels right to you. Reviews are limited but we have tried to bring the best for you with this information. Hope you find it helpful. 

Carter Martin

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