Which one to choose – Draft2digital or Smashwords?

A lot of writers are shifting from traditional publishers to self-publishing because it seems to have a lot of advantages. One of the first and main advantages is having full control of their book. From cover to format to marketing. An independent author is like a multi-tasking superhuman who takes the whole responsibility of their work.

Due to the increase in the interest to self-publish a lot of people are opening up self-publishing houses. Similarly, for ebook authors who want to self-publish their ebook digitally, there are a lot of self-publishing websites are being built. One of the most popular ones is, of course, Amazon KDP but there are so many other online self-publishing platforms that are giving competition to Amazon. Online self-publishing platforms like Smashword and Draft2digital are said to be one of the best platforms that indie authors are loving.

In this article, Which one to choose – Draft2digital or Smashwords? you will be able to see the pros and cons of both the online ebook publishing platforms which will further help you to decide which one to choose. Both the self-publishing platforms are pretty much the same but have some slight differences. Let us get to the points without much delay.

Which one to choose – Draft2digital or Smashwords?

To start with we will see the basic aims of both the self-publishing platform –

Smashword –

Smashwords was founded by Mark Coker in the year 2008 and have grown since to become one of the most popular online ebook publisher and distributor. It’s one of the writing and publishing platforms that a lot of indie authors adore. It lets you take all the control of your book, from start to finish.

Draft2digital –

Draft2digital aka D2D is another digital platform that gives the author the freedom to write and publish their ebooks by providing automated conversion and layout templates. It is very easy to use. You get to control the sales and promotion of your book to digital ebook stores across the globe.

When we look at the basic and main aims of these ebook publishing platforms they look almost the same but of course, they have their own differences, terms, and conditions. So let us look at the list below for the similarities and the differences of this self-publishing, online ebook platforms –

Similarities –

  • Be it Smashword or Draft2digital, both self-publishing platforms gives you the freedom to set the date for your book release.
  • Talking of the manuscript preparation, smasmwords process seems like bit complicated than draft2digital which only asks for the chapters. Title and credits page are added later. It is all very simple.
  • The best part of Draft2digital is that it provides a list of check box once you upload your manuscript which makes it easy for the new ebook authors to check the things, making sure they have’nt missed anything.
  • Another feature that Draft2digital has is that you don’t have to go back to your previously published book to add your other works. Draft2digital just uploads the name of the new book to all your previously published book on ‘Also by’ pages.
  • Ofcourse, Smashwords provide huge distribution channel for the ebook of the author but if you are looking for a easy and fast way to reach your book to different retailers than Draft2digital looks like something you should check but D2D does distribute the book to major and well known retailers.
  • Smashwords does not have a preview option but Draft2digital have that option which allows you to preview your book before publishing.
  • Now, Shashwords lets you sell your book directly whereas Draft2digital does’nt, it has it’s own process it seems.
  • Both the self-publishing platforms provides genuine support. You have a question? Ask them and you will get your answers without delay.
  • Talking about the dashboard, Draft2digital seems to have a lot easy to understand and track your progress through it.
  • On Smashwords you don’t have to worry about payments. Also, be it Smashwords or Draft2digital you can change the book pricing anytime you want.

The point of this whole list is to show that there is a slight difference between Smashwords and Digital2draft but they are pretty much the same. Both the self-publishing platforms provide you with amazing features to publish your book but it all depends on which site you want to work with based on your research. So, it’s up to you to decide!

Carter Martin

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