A Science behind Students’ Stress| Academic Stress

Stress is actually a feeling of tension on emotional or physical standards. It usually appears when one feels anxious, irritated, frustrated or nervous. Stress is believed to be negative when it takes on the health of a person, so it needs to get managed. These days students are stressing out a lot, even more. Lack of counseling, external pressure, demands, etc. is setting them to a level of being so tense that they face depression, anxiety, behavior problems, sleep deprivation, and much more. No parent can tolerate seeing their children, the teacher sees the students like this.

Although everyone deals with stress, students particularly in high school seem to take more stress regarding academics. The academic demands make them so unmotivated and least interested in studying due to unmanageable workload. Their capacity to learn unexpectedly decreases, with so many health issues that pounce onto their body and are not easily tackable.

It is really important to understand the sources that are causing students stress and facilitate more counseling sessions, psychologist consultations, and related strategies in order to help students realize the problem and trust in the growth method.

Facts related to the students’ stress:

Many studies have been done to know the root cause of the stress in students and some researchers have analyzed that stress hormones showed a spike in the students of high school that were getting low grades or being pressurized by the intrinsic and extrinsic demands to get good grades in the class. 

When fully examined, it was also noticed that the stress hormone later dropped in those students who believed that growth can be gained and improved, intelligence idd not fixed and it can be developed and worked upon to attain a rise. Basically, the mindset of students affects their lifestyle a lot and academic growth. 

About the majority of the students have claimed academic stress to be the leading stressor in their life.

The stress in students’ life has spoiled their relationships whether with friends, relatives, or neighbors.

Effects of stress on the students

This is an obvious thing that stress would cause some health issues for the students who are facing stress. If they are having moderate stress, chances are still there that they will face health problems later in their life and in case of high stress, they can face roses problems quite soon. That can be some non-communicable diseases like disturbed metabolism, obesity, diabetes, spoiled lifestyle habits, abnormal body weight, eating disorders, etc.

The effects of stress are mostly negative including immune system malfunctioning, anxiety, and depression.

Causes of stress in the students:

Mental well-being: It is not surprising that students can have mental health issues that are not letting them focus on their studies, problems concentrating or grasping the knowledge. These problems will create a pit for the wheels of students’ futures and make them more stressed. Adolescent depression can be due to various causes like peer relationships, family issues, educational demands, etc. depression in young students is also common these days. They face unemployment in adult phases much as compared to mentally fit students.

Substance use disorder: The stress in students also influences them to substance use. A whole opposite scenario is also possible, due to peer pressure, superficial trends, students get into substance use, leading to addiction and causing a high range of stress. In these students, it is seen, they have less ability in coping with the social problems, behavior, academic problems, and positive attitude

Lack of sleep and other physical problems: Lack of sleep in the students is seen a lot in modern times. Students indulge so much in playing live games, using phones and computers, affect their bio clock a lot, sleep schedule and give the feeling of distress due to release of stress hormone. Loss of sleep causes difficulty for students in paying attention, trouble in getting social, etc. Sleep-deprived students are more likely to degrade in the learning process.

Achieving less: Many students’ fear of achieving less in academics also can build stress in them. Girl students have seen stressing over the achievements and maintaining the level in the merit list. Not only this, some students have revealed that due to unfair decisions of a school authority or instructor, often don’t let them prosper much, some have blamed their bad relationship with the teacher, or other background issues, not enabling them to achieve goals, which can also make them stress a lot over it.

Guidelines for the students’ stress:

  1. Create good coordination in the studies and stress, availability of more stress management resources.
  2. An institutional scenario should include tools so as to look upon the sources of stress in students and social relationships
  3. Counseling students well so as to enhance their mindset and grasp the norms in a manner to focus more on their own learning.
  4. Stress-relieving practices should be promoted. It is also observed by the experts that students who meditate are easily able to cope with the stress.
  5. Opportunities for the students are enhanced in order to provide extra-curricular support.
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