What is the sentence fragment, run-on sentence and compound sentences?

The English language is fun and easy you get to edit and then proofread a draft. Now, that may not sound fun and easy but if an interested person takes up the work then it can get really interesting. When doing this particular work, one of the most important things that the person looks for is the sentence structure for sure, it either breaks or makes your writing into a masterpiece, right?

So, basically, a sentence is a group of words that conveys something and then there are four types of sentences – declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, imperative sentence, and exclamatory sentence. The English language has a whole different area to study its sentences but in this article, we will learn that – What is the sentence fragment, run-on sentences, and compound sentences play a really important role in written English and must be corrected and proofread.

So without further delay, let us understand the concept of each type of sentence as given in the title.

Sentence Fragment – A fragment sentence either lacks a subject or the main verb. So, basically, we can say that a fragment sentence is an incomplete sentence. Sometimes while writing we don’t notice that we are writing some sentences in fragments which results in showing a lot of errors and the reader will never get what are we trying to convey through our writing.

Let us see an example of a Sentence Fragment –

  • Eat the popcorn

Now, when we read this sentence, as a reader we instantly ask- who eats the popcorn? What happened? the chain of questions starts in our brain. But if the same sentence is written like – ‘Lucy eat the popcorn’ – makes sense now. Right?

A fragment sentence cannot stand on its own as it lacks the independent clause. Always, make sure you avoid fragment sentences in your writing because it will make your writing look really bad.

Run-On Sentence – Unlike Sentence Fragment, Run-On sentences have a subject and a verb but the problem here is that there are more than two complete sentences mixed together. For Example –

  • Minty is a nice girl she helped me during exams.

Now, we can clearly see that there is something not right. Sometimes while reading a text we kind of skip such errors but now reading this particular sentence now we know the problem. So, in the above example, two independent clauses or you can say two complete sentences are written together. Grammatically that is not correct. It lacks the punctuation mark and it could be a comma or semicolon or a conjunction. Here comma can work. So the correct way to write the sentence is – Minty is a nice girl, she helped me during exams.

As you can see, after the correction the sentences look more correct and do not hurt the reader’s eyes. Now the next sentence is – a compound sentence.

Compound Sentence – Compound sentences are two complete sentences connected with a coordinating conjunction. Using compound sentences to put related thoughts together in a single sentence helps your writing look more precise and to the point without looking messy.

Let us look at some of the examples of compound sentences –

  • Jimmy made the presentation; Jhony added the animations.
  • Sam was busy, so Monica decided to cook dinner.
  • I was working that day and you were late too.
  • She thought she will finish the work before him, but he had already fininshed his work.
  • You should keep the pen on the desk for everyone is doing the same.
  • Anne thought Aman was addicted to cigerrates but she was wrong.
  • Hurt can neither be seen nor heard, always keep that in mind.
  • Do want to dring juice or something eles?
  • She said sorry to you so many times yet you are being stubborn.

You can see how in each example, there is more than one clause, relating to each other, and are joined by coordinating conjunction like for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so. If you want to look for more examples of any kind of sentence you can always check on the internet. There are so many websites that can provide you with loads of examples. Examples always help to make things clear and understand the concept in a better way. So, feel free to check more examples if you wish to check.

Hope you find this article helpful, thank you for visiting the page!

Carter Martin

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