How to get ‘neither’ ‘nor’ ‘either’ and ‘or’ right every time?

So, this article will help you understand – How to get ‘neither’ ‘nor’ ‘either’ and ‘or’ right every time? We all know some of these words are commonly confused with each other but that doesn’t mean we should neglect them in our writing. Speaking a language and writing in a language are two complete things. So, it is good that you are already here clearing your doubts which makes you a smart and responsible person.

What is the sentence fragment, run-on sentence and compound sentences?

So, basically, a sentence is a group of words that conveys something and then there are four types of sentences – declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, imperative sentence, and exclamatory sentence. The English language has a whole different area to study its sentences but in this article, we will learn that – What are the sentence fragment, run-on sentences, and compound sentences play a really important role in written English and must be corrected and proofread.