Shall I publish my ebook on Google playbooks?

Nowadays, everything has an alternative. Technology has made things very easy. The most common example one can give is of online payment. You have no money in your pocket – no problem, you can go cashless. Pay through your phone. Similarly, there is an alternative for physical books which every reader is now aware of – ebooks. We cannot carry our physical books to read but we can carry a whole library on our mobile phones, thanks to the electronic version of books.

A lot of new authors are opting for publishing their books online rather than traditionally publishing the book which helps them take control of their books. Publishing a book online has its own pros and cons that we will be talking about in this article. In this article, you will get your answer to the ‘Shall I publish my ebook on google playbooks’ question. But mostly it is you who will take the decision because it is your work and you should have all the rights to your book more than anyone!

Before we get into all the publishing ebooks on google playbooks thing, keep one thing in mind that publishing a book is not an easy job unless you are really passionate about it. An author has his/her own ups and downs that he/she goes through but in the end, the results of publishing one’s own book and looking at it become a real thing are really very rewarding.

Shall I publish my ebook on Google Playbooks?

To get an answer to this question. let us look, first, at the benefits of publishing your ebook on Google Playbooks –

  • You can choose more than 2 categories for your ebook while publishing it online on Google Playbooks.
  • Unlike companies like amazon, Google playbooks does not demands key words instead it focuses on title and categories which saves a lot of headache of the author who is thinking to publish the ebook using Google playbooks.
  • The Google playbooks partner center accepts either EPUB or PDF format or if you want you can submit both the formats, this way your reader will get to choose from the format that they prefer while reading an ebook.
  • When you publish your book online on google play you have the control not only on your book but also on your book sales which means that you can manage your book sales starting from the countries where you want your book to reach to the audience to setting the price. But when you let Google act as your agent. Then it is Google that does the work for you which includes hosting, distributing and selling!
  • Having your book on Google playbooks gives you a wide platform that helps your reader know you more as well as help you get discovered by other people worldwide.
  • There is a chance of getting paid higher royalties than other publishers on Google playbooks because Google playbooks provide the authors approx. seventy percent royalty to the authors of ebooks and audiobooks in most countries.
  • Lastly, there are more andriod users around the world which provides the you a high chances of getting your book discovered by a lot of people and be able to have a loyal readers base who genuinly want to read from you.

Given above are the pros that one finds while publishing with google playbooks but with pros come cons. So let us look at some of the cons that you might want to consider before publishing your ebook with google playbooks –

  • Some authors complain that their books do not sell as they expected. To them it feels like Google playbooks do not have a strong base of interactive readers.
  • Google Playbooks might be a little bit complex when one is trying to publish an ebook. It could get a little hectic and frustrating. So basically it’s not as easy as it looks. One need to have a very good knowledge regarding technology.
  • Like many others Google Playbooks also works on algorithm which means the author must learn and understand as much as possible which further will help in making the book stand out from others.
  • Google playbooks is not as popular as other ebooks providing apps as it is used by android users only. So, the authors as well as the reader must have an android device in order to publish the ebook as well as read the ebooks available on Google playbooks respectively.

These are the few drawbacks that you must consider before publishing your ebook with Google playbooks.

As said in this article, writing and publishing is not an easy job, it does require lots of patience and hard work especially when one is trying to self-publish. But self-publishing is also very rewarding and one has control over everything related to the book. Publishing an ebook with Google playbooks does require some work but it also helps you expand internationally!

Now keeping the pros and cons in mind you can very well answer yourself. Good luck with your work. Thank you for visiting the page!

Carter Martin

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