Inquiry and Research Process

Learning through Inquiry and Research Processes I had an intriguing talk with a group of educators during the summer. “What if the librarians already have a district-approved research process?” a technology consultant asked after spending several days considering strategies to foster student inquiry. Is there a contradiction between what we’re doing?” As I studied her … Read more

Treating Reflection as a habit, not an Event

What do you think about reflection? Do you think it enhances student learning and knowledge? Of course, it increases the learning of students and nourishes them to grow their mindset and capabilities for more improvisation, and lets them learn from their mistakes. Teachers might involve the students in the reflection in classrooms but it is … Read more

Getting started with Self-paced Learning

Giving kids some control over their learning rate might help them build self-confidence and problem-solving abilities. The modern classroom is evolving from one in which professors speak and students listen to one in which students take charge of their education and teachers enable it. Here’s a deeper look at the self-placed classroom and how you … Read more

7 Grading “must-know” hacks for new Teachers

New teacher? We know the struggle!   There is a lot to be excited about for new instructors. They’ve started a terrific adventure of meeting kids, making lesson plans, and starting a job that they’re passionate about. On the contrary, grading is one component of teaching that early-career instructors worry about rather than enjoy. Indeed grading … Read more

Difference between Affect Vs Effect

English is a very interesting language that sometimes can be tricky and sometimes confusing. The language has such an ever-growing huge vocabulary that it is almost impossible to keep track of words sometimes. After reading this article you will be able to understand the difference between the words – Affect and Effect. If you are … Read more

Making Learning relevant with Case Studies

Case studies provide students with open-ended situations that feel relevant to their daily lives. To educate children for occupations that have yet to be established, we must teach them how to be excellent problem solvers. This will ensure that they are prepared for everything. One method is to teach material and skills through real-world case … Read more

How do you enhance the Executive Function Skills of students by asking questions?

Executive function (EF) abilities are brain-based management abilities that include planning, organizing, self-regulation (including controlling attention and emotions), learning, and remembering. Children develop these abilities at home when they help with household duties. Students’ brains learn the cueing system that stimulates the usage of a certain skill by reinforcing executive function at school. For example, … Read more

3 Simple ways to improve ELA Instruction

ELA is the discipline of finding ways to improve one’s ability to use the English language. It also defines literature, the skill of reading and writing language in different dialect categories. Teaching newbies may be a terrifying concept, especially if the group is monolingual and you know nothing about their language, or if the group … Read more

3 Fun Strategies for taking Notes

Taking notes is one of the few things my students despise—and I don’t blame them. Taking notes is not something that most people love doing. It’s quite easy to lose attention while listening to long, continuous lectures, regardless of the teacher’s intensity or the student’s devotion. And lectures may be just as tedious for professors … Read more

Teaching for the first time? Here is the guide to cope and succeed!

Appointed as a new teacher, from studying phase to teaching phase. Here you are! It is completely normal to get overwhelmed by the new environment and responsibility you will be facing. Don’t worry, we have collected some effective data for you that will help you succeed in the first year of teaching. Guiding tips that … Read more