Memoir – its meaning and why it is hard to sell?

Not a lot of us know How to express our emotions and stories in a way that touch another persons’s heart and inspire them to be who they are or who they want to be.

To start with let us see where the word itself come for – the word Memoir comes from the french word called ‘mémoire‘ and from Latin word ‘memoria‘ which means memory or remembrance. The meaning of the derived words itself give away the essence of the whole genre. Earlier memoirs where considered a subcategory of autobiography but now, in 20th century, it is considered a separate genre because a memoir holds so much more!

Memories are something that one holds very dearly and close to the heart and always looks for a way to preserve them forever. Memoir are being written since the ancient times, it evolved since and are still being written by many writers. Nowadays, Memoir are written more by ordinary people, more for personal reason – to pass the legacy than for contributing it as a literary work. Reading a Memoir has so many benefits including making us aware of the history, heping us learn a life lesson and ,most importantly, understanding who you are as a human being, it also helps you to understand another persons point of view which is so much needed in today’s world.

Wikipedia defines Memoir as – “any nonfiction narrative writing based in the author’s personal memories.” There are different types of memoirs that one can write. In the list provided below are the different types of Memior –

  • Confessional Memior
  • Personal Memoir
  • Political Memoir
  • Public Memoir
  • Portrait Memior
  • Professional Memior
  • Travel Memior
  • Transformational Memior

Despite being one of the popular genre in the literary world, it is still hard to sell it. There are reasons that shows why Memoirs are hard to sell and by reading and understanding some reasons to avoid the mistakes that becomes an obstacle in the way of selling Memoir. Let us look at few reasons provided in the list below –

  • You are new to writing – A lot of people, who has written memior, might struggle to make their memior acceptable for publishing. As we all know experienced publishers demands a quality writing with an understandable editing that might be hard to acheive for a fresh writer. So, it could be lack of knowlege used in writing structure that can become an obstacle but if worked hard, one can remove this obstacle for sure!
  • You need more reasearch – Another reason for a memior to go through no sells is your lack of research in the particular area. You should have a strategy in your mind and collect as much information as you can too understand the needs of your audience and different types of marketing strategies that you can use, keeping your memior in the mind.
  • Dull first impression – First impression matters even if its about books because in todays world people are very busy with their life and people rarely have time to stop and read everything about the book before buying. Most of the time the crowd purchase what’s look appealing to them. So from the start you one must have focused on the cover as well as on the discription of the memior.
  • There is no uniqueness – The memior must have something that people want to hold on or it could be a moving story. Somthing that inspires people at the end of the book. You can’t expect a memior to be written with an ordinary theme and become a best-seller. It is the sad but true and so it is better to learn about such things beforehand.

The above mentioned reason are most basic reason that stops the book from selling. There could be other reasons too such as publishers reputation or the writers own reader base. Having an audience who is loyal to your writing is tough and to built it – is a long term task.

Writing is not an easy job and its not always happy and theraputic. Sometimes, it could be really stressful but for jobs like writing consistency is the key. Hardwork always pays off and it is what is required for professions like writing.

Hope you find this article helpful. Goodluck for your writing. Thank you for visiting the page!

Carter Martin

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