3 Myths about Personalized Learning

Hey folks we are back! What do you know about personalized learning? Why do people have myths regarding personalized learning? Have you ever wondered about this? Personalized learning is the main key to keeping the students engaged. Do you know almost every institution is coming up with this concept for the betterment of the world? 

Personalized learning has innumerable advantages for both the students and the institutes as well. But remember people could not make themselves clear about anything, they still keep doubt within which leads to misconceptions. So, in this article, we will come to know about the myths regarding personalized learning that people have.  

Let us get started to know about it.      

What is Personalized learning? 

Personalized learning leads to an educational approach that directs for customizing learning for every student’s strengths, capabilities, and so on. A learning plan is given to every student that is based on the things they know and even how they understand. It consists of learning attitude in different ways as kids prefer to. Students can understand the topic at their convenience with the help of this concept. 

Students keep their learning skills enhanced with this concept and even educational apps are there that help in the attention of students towards learning. But with the various advantages of this concept, people still have misconceptions regarding this concept. 

What are the myths of personalized learning? 

So guys, as I explained above, the emerging benefits leave some misconceptions too. Here the myths are explained regarding personalized learning:

Personalized learning is time-consuming- 

Do you know what is the main problem of this generation? It is that people don’t want to understand things first, rather they start to overthink. Teachers are taking this concept as they will have to design the whole plan for each student in the class which will take severe time. But it is not true. What do teachers have to do?  They just simply have to direct and guide the students, the rest all the things will be done by the students only. Students would plan at their convenience. 

It is a one-time process as a transfer for the classrooms from traditional to personalized learning can take some time. As compared with traditional classroom teaching, it is less time-consuming. Sounds interesting right? So, are you clear with your myth about personalized learning as a time-consuming process? 

Personalized learning requires its key component, i.e; technology:

It’s a common misunderstanding that individualized learning necessitates the use of technology. Technology can help you achieve more flexibility, but it isn’t essential. Personalized learning does not have to be mandatory. To illustrate, when children are learning about rocks, they do not require the use of technology to comprehend the material. In this case, students will need to explore outside with various rock materials to gain a better understanding.

As a result, it would be wrong to equate individualized learning just with computer-based training. There’s no need for such cutting-edge technology; a computer can only do so much in terms of tailored learning. Personalized learning entails doing whatever is optimal for a student’s overall development.

Students progress at their speed in personalized learning:

 This is a massive exaggeration. Because personalized learning is frequently associated with technology, particularly online learning, many people mistakenly believe that it entails students learning at their own pace and on their own time. Personalized learning, on the other hand, includes more than just students picking their pace.

Students demonstrate mastery of information in a competency-based system with individualized learning, but they are also heavily involved in defining goals related to those competencies. Students are participating in the planning and learning process as agents in that learning, rather than working at their own pace on purely self-imposed goals. Inflexible learning spaces, students choose their resources and experiment with different learning methods.


You should have a better idea of individualized education after going over all of the above-mentioned myths. Many institutions are increasingly focusing on educational app development since it has the potential to take student learning to a whole new level and potentially improve it. It is the finest technique to keep pupils engaged in learning, especially for parents and teachers. Educational institutions should pick personalized learning for their students. 

Carter Martin

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