How to prepare for a Logical Test?

OMGOSH! I’m going to appear in the Logical Test. just want to crack it but don’t know what to do!! This worrying thing, I’m sure has brought you here. Don’t fret much about it now because these guiding points are going to help you a lot in cracking out the whole scenario.

Logic In Basic is it just an appropriate and rational way of deciding out conclusions and thinking about a thing?

Every kind of logic that comes out of one’s mind has a link with reasoning like deductive, inductive, or maybe both.

No need to panic overlooking at these terms because the practice can really ace your test game even if you have less knowledge about it.

Logical Reasoning Tests

Knowing about the logical reasoning test is important because it is one of the majorly used tests by employment firms, other professional consultancies, and much more. These are well-designed tests to take a deeper analysis of the decision-making and logical power of the candidates. These tests have a question based on diagrams, analogy, directions, puzzles, numbers, words, and other categories giving all the hints of having two types of logical reasoning: – Verbal and Non-verbal that are explained below some topics.

Preparing Yourself for the Logical Test

There are a variety of logical tests and one particular type of test for one job profile can possibly be different from the other type of job post or department that is hiring, for so many reasons. So, what you need to do is being properly aware of the test you are going to appear for an exam.

  • Knowing about the pattern it’s going to be for the test
  • Time limit.
  • Whether or not involved negative marking.
  • Going be taken online or just going to be OMR-based.
  • Type of organization or who is the test publisher.

Tips That Can Help You Prepare Logical Reasoning tests

Now as you have got the idea of the format of your test you are now ready to dig into the preparing session.

1.   Splitting up the Time you have

The total time (days, months) available for your test need to be divided as these exams are scheduled to be taken on a particular date and time. So, you have got to see the topics involved and then you should enlist them in a way that by the end you get totally prepared for it.

2.   Take As Much Tests as You Can

  • Taking tests in the case of logical reasoning is really important. Logic reasoning is actually a learning process because you are dealing with puzzles, diagrams, and other verbal tasks. When you keep on practicing tests you are going to be more habitual with the solving of these questions and going to be more aware of the type of question asked without spending much time reading. Yes! reading too much is a real reason for getting behind in acing these tests. This is actually a trick of recruiters to see how logical you are. Also, the questions asked are of different types and only ‘keep-solving’ is the solution here.
  • Now go for the easiest pattern first. Doing this will make you a bit more confident and more excited about going forward.
  • Take the test from the various suppliers who are actually dealing with preparing the sample papers of the targeted exam.
  • Decide a particular AM or PM for the test and try to give your shot at the very moment. Practice regularly.

3.   Don’t Rush for Answers

In most cases what candidates do while practicing is they doubt themselves while solving a question and don’t completely focus on it, ultimately rushing to check the answer but the whole motive is to understand the question properly, by avoiding guessing and thinking logically about it and then deciding the answer.

An important suggestion here is to “keep solving and check the answers in the last so that your focus stays aligned and you don’t get demoralized in case of a wrong answer. Also don’t get overconfident if the answer is right. Keep going and check your mistakes in the end and work on them.

You need to have faith and confidence in yourself.

Focus is everything and practicing is brilliant!

4.   Solving The Questions and Strategize Them

As you are on your way to solving the various questions you will come across the questions that are easy for you to solve and that is a bit nerve-wracking for you. So, accordingly, you will have to strategize the whole test, which questions you would go for first and which questions still need a lot of your effort to get tackled.

As soon as you understand the whole idea it will become an easy peasy thing to you!

  • For verbal reasoning, prefer to read less and focus more on the keywords, answers given, and the idea of what the question demands.
  • For non-verbal reasoning, go for looking more at the diagram and reading sentences properly.

5.   Keep track of timings

It is already known to you that time duration is given for solving the logical reasoning test. Keep track of the time of how much you’re spending on one question or a particular type of question. Is it taking much time to go for other questions in a limited period?

Plan the whole study routine accordingly.

6.   Stay Mentally calm and physically fit

  • Taking proper rest is important to calm your stress down.
  • Eating properly is needed so that you don’t feel knackered or sleepy while giving the test.
  • Do some exciting activities or fun stuff before exam day like listening to music, dancing, have your favorite drink, cook etc.
  • Mediate to enhance your focusing power.


 Staying true to your time table, focused, away from distractions, assessing yourself and practice will do a lot.

Trust me!!

 Finally, keeping all this in mind, go get started and All the Very Best!!


Carter Martin

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