How to get your book picked up by a publisher?

Writing a book is a very creative yet tough job in itself. There’s so much the author has to keep in mind right from the start till the very end. One of the toughest work is to have your book picked by a publisher and if you are also looking for publishers and have your book picked up by them then you are reading the right article. In this article, you will get to know How to get your book picked up by a publisher because choosing a publisher is already a tough task and then having them pick your book is another work to be done.

So, as said in the above paragraph writing is a not-so-easy job – which means that a writer has to go through a lot. It’s not just planning a plot and then adding a twist but so much more! And then there’s the devil – the writer’s block that every writer once in a while has to get through it. So, if you have completed your manuscript – Congratulations. There are still many steps that need to be fulfilled in order to produce your work but finishing with the first draft is something that you should celebrate, no matter what!

There are advantages that a traditional publisher provides and those are marketing the book, book cover and editing, and all the printing stuff. In short, when your work is taken by a traditional publisher you don’t have to worry about anything but then you should also know that you don’t own your book anymore. Anyways, traditional publishing or self-publishing – both have their pros and cons! So without much delay let us get started –

How to get your book picked up by a publisher?

First thing, keep in mind, this article talks about how to have your book picked by a traditional publisher.

  • Now that you have made up your mind to traditionally publish your book, let’s assume that you have found the publishers already. In case you haven’t you can check this article by clicking here
  • Once you have selected a certain publisher know one thing – that – a lot of traditional publishers are not open to new authors and even if you might have send your manuscript or a few chapters of the manuscript – your email may remain unread by the publishing company. The reason behind this is they want a literary agent to do the work and be present on your behalf. They might contact with the agent then contact directly with you. So, in order to have your book picked by a publisher make sure you read their instructions carefully before handing your work to them.
  • Once you select the publishing company, do as much research as you can regarding that publishing house. You can find all the things on the company’s website. The books they have published, what genre are they more interested in, which authors have they published that you have read, what are their terms and conditions regarding manuscript submission and for more you may find a F.A.Q section. You can also look for the reviews for that particular publishing house. And then see if your book is able to fullfil the demands of the publisher and vice-versa.
  • If you need to find the literary agent you can check sites like or where you not only find the agents but also many publishers that might interest you.
  • Once these things are in process, make time for your manuscript and keep polishing your work. Keep editing the chapters that you will be sending to the publishers. Be prepared with your book synopsis and authors bio, Query letter, etc.
  • Another important thing is that know by heart what makes your work or your story stand out. What is it that makes your work unique and original? You are expected to know the answer. It’s your production and you must know it’s value and while submiting your writing to the publisher make sure to add your books main theme in the synopsis. Write it as catchy as you can. There are a lot of sites on the internet that you cac read and take ideas while writing your synopsis.

If you check all the points in the above list then you are all ready to send your work to the publisher of your choice!

Remember – Traditionally publishing a book takes a lot of time. A publishing company could take months to reply to your manuscript. Meanwhile, you need to keep patience and not rush things on your end. Publishing a book is not easy and it does take time before it comes out in the public as a real book.

Also, it is normal to have a book rejected by a traditional publisher. A lot of writers, in fact, a lot of famous writers had their book rejected before it became a real one. So, do not lose hope if the work gets rejected. Keep trying, in the end, things get better.

Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for visiting the page!

Carter Martin

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