What to use – sometimes or some time?

People who are learning the English Language as their second language have to admit that sometimes English Grammar can get really confusing. But if studied with enough interest and concentration one can learn anything without much difficulty. In this article – What to use – sometimes or some time? – you will be able to tell the difference between sometimes and some time.

Spoken English does not require deep knowledge but when it comes to written English texts – Grammar is very important. Have you heard this quote by Joan Didion – “As Grammar is a piano I play by ear. All I know about grammar is its power.” The quote pretty much sums up the power that grammar holds on not only the English language but on most of the languages in the world.

Now why grammar is confusing to many people? Most of the time, the problem is – language is new to the learner and other times it’s the terms like Homophones, Homonyms, Synonyms, antonyms, etc. Basically, English Grammar is not just part of speech but it is so much more than that. A person who is learning grammar must learn and expand vocabulary every day as well as keep the previously-mentioned terms in mind and learn by heart. Doing such things without fail helps understand English grammar in a better way and less confusion.

Now, Sometimes and sometimes are not the only words in English Grammar that seems confusing. There are other words like accept and except, than and then, lay and lie, capital and capitol, Emigrate and Immigrate, principle and principal, access and excess, lead and led, lose and loose, Advise and advice, etc. There are many such words that you will come across in the English language and it does take time to get familiar with such words. Practice is the key.

What to you use – sometimes or some time?

Let us get this straight –

  • The word Sometimes means ‘at some unspecified or unknown time.’ Now this words acts as an adverb as well as an adjective too.
  • The word Some time means ‘a period of time’ most of the time – a long period of time.

Let’s see some sentences that use Sometimes –

  1. Sometimes, I just wonder if I should give up.
  2. She is studying all day but sometimes she wants to go out.
  3. Sometimes, he likes to eat cheese with pasta.
  4. He is healing but sometimes he is just surviving.
  5. Sometimes, you need to stand for others too.

Let’s see some sentences that use Some time –

  1. It will take some time to learn the speech by heart.
  2. He knew he had met him some time but now he cannot recall.
  3. I thing she needs some time before getting back to the job.
  4. It’s been some time since they talked to each other.
  5. Some time you have to take the tough task in order to grow.

With the help of the meanings and the examples provided above, you can clearly see the difference between the two words. One can create a lot of examples using the words.

You might have understood the difference between these two words but the thing is to remember the difference so that you don’t have to search up the meaning every time you want to use the words in your writing to make sure you are using them correctly. If you want you can develop your own technique to remember the difference between these words. The technique that you will be using for yourself doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you, the important thing is that you remember the difference by heart and save your time for writing instead of searching the differences every time. One way to remember the difference between these two words is to remember what part of speech they represent that way your brain can register the difference and can recall it while forming a particular sentence. Another way to remember is that you can keep that space in mind for the word ‘some time’ that space between the words can represent its meaning i.e a period of time. If that gets into your mind then remembering others is pretty easy.

There are many other techniques that you can try. Hope you find this article helpful, thank you for visiting the page!

Carter Martin

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