How to shrink a Hoodie?

Having a hoodie in your wardrobe is like covering yourself up even on casual days. Wearing a hoodie adds up to the cool vibe of not even young people but to babies, oldies, daddies, and mommies.

Many of you must be owning at least one or two or even more. Baggy style hoodies and so on are in trend but the shrunk ones have again shown up their overpowering impact. Shrinking a hoodie that you feel is too baggy, or any other reason related to your desired wish is absolutely possible.

You can shrink a hoodie according to your needs and size or any fit that you want, without any fading and damaging it involving ‘little submerge in hot to boiling water, heat treatments while laundering.’

Want to shrink more or extreme? It’s possible!

 ‘Try to run an iron over the wet hoodie. You can also use a dryer to do the target shrinking by just shrinking the areas of hoodie you want.’

How will this whole process will happen? Scroll down further!!

How to shrink a hoodie | Best, quick and easy steps to shrink a hoodie:

Now, process of shrinking involves shrinking to one, two or extreme sizes. Shrinking of hoodie also further depends on the type of fabric as cotton, cotton polyester blends shrinks easily whereas synthetic fibers like rayon, nylon don’t shrink much.

Shrinking a hoodie one to two size (MINOR SHRINKAGE):

  1. Place your hoodie alone in a washing machine to prevent any kind of unwanted coloring due to color bleeding of other clothing.
  2. Turn the warm water settings (check the tag of hoodie and follow temperature instructions accordingly)

For minor shrinkage, most recommended low heat temperature is 80-60 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius)

  1. Add a regular amount of detergent if it’s not too dirty and use stain treatment.
  2. Let it air dry completely, place it on the flat dry surface or shower curtain dry.
  3. After it gets dry, try it on to check its fit. If it’s still not much shrinked, repeat a cycle of hot water rinse.

How to shrink a hoodie to the moderate level:

Shrinking hoodie at a minimal to moderate level does not need chemistry research but simple heat treatment, temperature and time duration, all these factors will shrink it easily. The basic science is that your need to keep an eye upon the temperature as heat is the only magician in this magic trick.

Recommended medium heat for moderate level shrinking is 110 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 43.3 – 32.2 degrees Celsius)

Tossing the hoodie in the washing machine with hot water settings. After that, put a damp hoodie in the dryer and tumble dry it completely in case of moderate shrinking and just halfway tumble dying in case you want little shrinkage. Keep a check on the drying to prevent over shrinkage.

How to shrink a hoodie dramatically (extreme):

Shrinking with boiling water:


The high temperature of boiling water dramatically shrinks the hoodie that is extra-large in size and high heat drying further brings the action fast and effective.

  1. Take a large pot and fill it with more than half with water. Boil this water.
  2. Switch off the heat supply and remove the pot from the heater.
  3. Put your hoodie into the pot, for immersing it inside well use long spoons and let it be inside hot water for a few minutes (increase time duration to 9 11 minutes if need more shrinkage)
  4. Use a pair of tongs to take it out. Let it cool. Remove or press out excess water.
  5. Place it in the dryer to shrink it enough. use the highest heat setting in drying, if you want further shrinkage then repeat the process.

Tip: before repeating, try your hoodie to find more shrinkage required.

Shrinking a hoodie using an iron:

Making a hoodie small in size is possible for those too who don’t own costly dryers or machines. But, the con in this method is you cannot full shrink the hoodie but just some portions like the hood, waist portion, etc.

  1. Place a warm water spray bottle next to you. Spread the target areas of the hoodie on the ironing board.
  2. Spray it with some water making it damp. Iron the area back and forth putting the iron on high heat setting.
  3. Do the same on the backside of the hoodie and try it on for the fit and repeat again if needed.

Shrinking a hoodie using a hairdryer:

This option is for those who find ironing clothes really boring and much of a task. Using a hair dryer is another useful and easy alternative to using iron and shrinking a hoodie.

  1. Spray a hoodie, place on a smooth source, and wrinkled out, with warm water making it damp.
  2. Launch the hairdryer with the highest heat setting and move it over the damp area until its dry
  3. Repeat the process on the backside flipping the hoodie.

Shrinking a purely cotton Hoodie:

Cotton cloth is easily shrinkable and shows a high shrinking ability. It shows stretching more quickly as compared to other fabrics.

Using heat via hot water or dryers can very effortlessly shrink cotton hoodies. Just wash it in the warm water for a few minutes, scrunch out extra water using your hands and then place it in the dryer → use a low heat setting for little shrinkage and medium heat for more shrinkage.

Note: don’t keep the heat too hot as cotton will get shrank enough more than you wanted.

Shrinking action/polyester Hoodie:

For cotton/ polyester blend or just a polyester hoodie, a distinctive shrinkage method is needed to be done because the fabric is a synthetic polymer, requires high degrees of temperature to show even a little range of shrinkage. Also, the Majority of hoodies being produced by manufacturers these days are of cotton and polyester blends reason being polyester is cheaper than pure cotton type.

  1. In a large pot, heat the water till it boils. Remove the pot from the stove and place the hoodie into it.
  2. Use long spoons to immerse them properly. Let it be immersed inside for 15-20 minutes. Use a pair of tongs to pull it out and put it in the dryer with high heat.
  3. Repeat the method if the desired shrinkage didn’t happen in the first cycle.

By tailoring:

Y’all have somewhere this option revolving in the head when the hoodie is extremely large in size which can sack up the whole body. Yep! Go for this option when you know it’s too big and shrinking just two sizes won’t work.

You can ask a tailor to slim fit or loose fit or do any alterations that you want but with a drawback of lightening your pocket. Otherwise, you still have options mentioned above to try to.

How to shrink a hoodie without damaging or fading (without damaging color/print/design):

  1. Take a note on the temperature according to the type of fabric.
  2. Avoid too much exposure to heat and direct sunlight while drying which can damage the quality of fabric.
  3. While washing, drying, or even ironing, flip the hoodie inside out to avoid any damage on the printed surface.
  4. Take a look at the washing instructions given on the tag of the garment and heat requirements.


We have provided you with the ultimate various methods that can be used to shrink a hoodie according to the fabric via hot washing, hot tumble-drying cycle, or soaking in boiling water. Don’t forget portioned drying by targeting that area only with the hairdryer. Style yourself with so many choices if you have enough collection of hoodies, if not you still know what to do to achieve your desired hoodie look.


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