Christian Liberty Academy Homeschool

Christian liberty academy abbreviated as CLA – private school, accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and National Association of Private Schools, also a member of Illinois High School Association 

Serving students – Approximately 500 students 

Location- Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois

Founded in- 1968 under the support of Church of Christian Liberty 

Classes available – KIndergarten to ninth grade, high school

Services Available- CLASS homeschools(Full service), Christian Liberty Press- Independent Homeschooling books, materials, and testing services.

CLA claims to provide 

Full-Service Homeschool AcademyA flexible, cost-effective partnership with a homeschooling leaderCalifornia Academic Achievement Testresources from a variety of publishersAdaptable schedule Grading, report cards, transcripts, and diplomas are all part of the process (CLASS Administration Plan)
Independent Homeschool Materials Testing services available  All academic subject areas have books and materials.Materials for Preschool through 12th-gradeKits of complete curriculum for each grade levelPublications from the CLPAbeka, Bob Jones, Apologia, and many other publishers’ titlesE-booksSale items and bargains are available on a monthly basis.

Christian Liberty Academy also offers 

  • Small classes that allow children to receive one-on-one attention while also challenging them academically to prepare them for their future.
  • Tools to help students succeed in college and in life.
  • Our students learn to compete at a high level in a Christ-like manner through a thriving athletic program.
  • Help your children develop critical thinking skills, a love for Jesus, and the ability to influence their community for the greater glory of God.
  • A child will be able to shine in this environment! Sports, fine arts, music, theater, and other activities are available.

Church of Christian Liberty

The Church of Christian Liberty is an independent family congregation with a global missionary vision that is confessionally reformed.  Sunday services feature solidly Reformed Biblical teaching that emphasizes the importance of applying Scripture’s truths to every aspect of our lives.  The service is open to children. For younger children, there is also a nursery. Street Parking is available. 

​Address: 502 W. Euclid Avenue Ste 65

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Contact No.  847-979-0247

Timings- Sunday School- 10 am

               Sunday Worship- 11 am
              Wednesday Prayer- 7 pm

               1st Sunday Fellowship Meal- 1 pm

Benefits available are:

  1. Complete K-12 curriculum- includes CLASS Plan and Family Plan 
  2. Guidance materials- Class Plan and Family Plan 
  3. Annual Achievement Testing- CLASS Plan and Family Plan
  4. Math plan for students of junior and high school- CLASS Plan, Family Plan, and Individual Course
  5. Customer services assistance- CLASS Plan, Family Plan, and Individual Course 
  6. Alternative course assignments- CLASS Plan and Family Plan 
  7. Picking courses in high school- CLASS Plan and Family Plan 
  8. Courses adjustments options- CLASS Plan and Family Plan 
  9. Flexible Routine-  CLASS Plan, Family Plan, and Individual Course
  10. Grading available- CLASS Plan and Individual Course
  11. Report cards quarterly mailing- CLASS Plan and Individual Course 
  12. Test scored mailing- CLASS Plan and Individual Course 
  13. Class Diploma(Grades 8th & 12th)- CLASS Plan and Individual Course 
  14. Academic records maintenance- CLASS Plan and Individual Course
  15. Eligible for CLASS Graduation Ceremony- CLASS Plan
  16. Official Transcripts- CLASS Plan and Individual Course
  17. Guidance in dealing with school officials and law- CLASS Plan

What are CLASS Homeschools?

CLASS Homeschools is among the first homeschooling organizations. It has assisted thousands of families in the United States and around the world in providing a solid Christian education at home for over 50 years. Based on standardized test results, previous school records (high school), and parent input, we create a comprehensive curriculum for your child. After that, we’ll send you everything you’ll need for the grade level, including books, tests, and teacher’s guides. You can work at your own pace and set your own schedule. The organization collaborates with you in grading the work and maintaining official academic records, as well as providing report cards, transcripts, and diplomas, as part of our CLASS Administration Plan. Also provides curriculum changes after the shipping of books, extension quarters (if our full-year enrollment period is insufficient), and a fantastic customer service department to assist you. The National Association of Private Schools has granted CLASS accreditation. Leading colleges, universities, and military academies across the country have accepted our graduates.

Reviews for Christian Liberty Academy: 

On the website of Niche, 15 reviews are given by various contributors with 

Excellent- 11 reviews

Very good- 3 reviews

Terrible- 1 review


So, here we are to the end of this article and hope that you have found the content useful, we have put all the “need to know” information. Though self surveys bring more confidence in making a decision, you can take a look at the official website of the Christian Liberty Academy. 

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