Accredited Online Homeschool Programs 

An accredited homeschool program is one that has been recognised or authorized by a third party. Homeschool programs are not required to be accredited, but accreditation demonstrates that the school’s program has been evaluated by a third party and given the thumbs up. 

Online homeschooling allows students to have more control over what, how, and when they learn, making learning more accessible and engaging. But few schools take advantage of it. The market for home learning exists. Though the online homeschooling resources and curricula, as well as online learning programs such as Khan Academy,, and Codecademy, are thriving. Even some public schools now provide online learning opportunities. Finding the right programs takes some trial and error and a lot of research for families who are new to homeschooling. The sections that follow

Should You Go for Accredited Homeschooling Programs?

When deciding whether or not to use accredited homeschool programs, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of accredited homeschool programs 

  • easily transition to a public or private school
  • more likely to get a transcript and grades, which will document your child’s accomplishments and serve as a foundation for future scholarships.
  • Your child will most likely receive a homeschool diploma stating that she completed standardized graduation requirements
  • Your child will be given a comprehensive curriculum and will need to develop time management skills in order to complete assignments and stay on track
  • The homeschool program will keep track of your records
  • It may be easier to form friendships with other homeschoolers who use the same curriculum
  • You can use accredited homeschool programs while still incorporating lessons that reflect your values
  • You can have half-day sessions on Saturdays, incorporating special life lessons or spiritual lessons with fun field trips or group outings, thanks to the flexibility of a homeschool education.

Drawbacks of Accredited homeschooling programs

  • An accredited school teaches lessons that the accrediting firm deems appropriate
  • these lessons may not be in line with your beliefs or what you consider important
  • Character education may not be at the forefront of the curriculum
  • Might feel like you have committed to a more rigid schedule
  • if you decide to add different lessons, the learning sessions may be extended
  • Individualizing lessons for your child may be more difficult

What methods do students use to learn?

Attending a public or private school at home can be similar to an accredited homeschool program. Your child may learn online and complete classwork on the computer, or he or she may receive an offline education that primarily relies on textbooks. It is also possible to combine online homeschooling with traditional education. Videos are used in some programs. An accredited homeschool program is likely to be similar to a distance education program, so the methods of instruction are as varied as the programs themselves.

Accredited home school program options 

The following are just a few of the accredited homeschool programs. Many times, the school has the option to skip the accreditation process at any time. So, it is really important to check the accreditation, before getting into the program, as it may not still be accredited. 

  • Bridgeway Academy
    Bridgeway Academy, as per they claim, are 100% accredited and offer a wide range of homeschooling curricula, online classes, live online classes and blended learning options for homeschoolers of all levels. Plus, you’ll get all the help you need to create the learning experience you want!
  • Abeka Homeschool

Claim to be the resources for education in living rooms and classrooms. Comprehensive, biblically-based curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids, and more for Preschool-Grade 12, using a tried-and-true spiral learning approach.

  • Forest Trail Academy

Provides personalized instruction in all subjects from a qualified and encouraging teacher. An engaging curriculum created by highly skilled professionals. A Guidance Counselor who will assist your child in developing a Personal Graduation Plan. He or she would also keep track of your child’s overall progress at all times.

  • Laurel Springs

Promises that you’ll be a partner in your student’s education at Laurel Springs while entrusting the education to qualified, passionate teachers who understand your student’s unique needs.

While choosing accredited homeschool programs does not guarantee that your child will be accepted into a college or that the program will be fully customized for your child, it can give you peace of mind that your child is taking the appropriate courses and learning materials that have been approved by a third party. There are no bullies present. They attempt to comprehend the significance of having a learning environment that is both emotionally and physically safe.

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