5 Apps to enhance Distance Learning

Distant learning, often known as distance education, allows students to get online education without having to connect with an instructor in person.

In the realm of the Internet, a new generation was born. As a result, they are all masters of the technology-assisted learning experience, implying that their sources of knowledge and instruction are no longer limited to traditional institutions. As a result, understanding your child’s learning style will be beneficial.

School closures at traditional schools, particularly in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, have prompted many parents and teachers to learn more about remote learning programmes. Distance learning becomes a viable option for more traditional learning programmes, tools, and methods at this stage.

Many schools, universities, and other educational institutions have joined the online education platforms as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Still,  you can deliver an excellent virtual learning experience to your learners by using various applications or websites available on the internet.

Good distance learning apps are those in which every component of the app should be aimed at providing a stress-free learning environment for teachers and students.

Here are a few things to look for in a good remote learning app. 

  • Responsive designs and a learner-centric site layout
  • Push alerts for reminders, appreciations, and other important information
  • Visuals, movies, podcasts, and other types of learning tools are available.
  • Micro-learning principles that are holistic
  • Online material that may be downloaded for future reviewing
  • Various quiz styles.

Here are our top 5 apps that will genuinely help the teachers, parents as well as students in distance learning. Check them out!


WeVideo, an online video editor with free and premium accounts, has provided free account upgrades to teachers and students throughout the epidemic, which teachers can take advantage of right away. WeVideo is a Google-based programme that instructors and students may use, and it can also link to and upload straight to Google Drive, which was helpful when students were submitting work. Teachers may also create a “class” within the app and invite students to participate through a unique code. The video editing tool itself is by far the easiest and most user-friendly. WeVideo also includes stock photos, films, layouts, music, and sound effects, which makes video production easier.

WeVideo also includes stock photos, movies, layouts, music, and sound effects, which makes creating videos a delight.

You can convert several of my assignments to a video communication format with this tool, and you couldn’t be happier with the outcomes.


Flipgrid is a free online video recording tool that enables students and teachers to create short web films. Teachers may simply establish accounts and then “classrooms” inside those accounts.

Students enter classes with a code, similar to Google Classroom. Teachers can then publish postings for students to reply to via short videos. The settings may be changed so that only teachers can see responses or that students can see and reply to each other’s films.

Flipgrid is a terrific and simple to use oral communication programme. It may be efficiently modified to practically any age group or topic area.

Google classroom

Google Classroom is a robust and user-friendly online software for organizing students’ everyday activities. In addition, you may use this application to take online classes, distribute course materials, conduct tests, track students’ progress, offer feedback, and more from any location at any time.

This is a popular tool that allows instructors to build online forums where they may publish course content, news, or lessons, as well as assign, collect, and provide comments on student work. You can share your Google Meet live lesson recordings for students to examine if needed, as previously noted. 

Zoom classroom

Zoom is one of the greatest cloud video conferencing web programmes for scheduling, tutoring, and connecting with many students, among other things. With great capabilities like one-click document sharing, digital whiteboarding, and more, you can increase student involvement during remote learning.


In case you are looking for a fun and game-based learning tool for your students or children, Kahoot is for you,  that helps students in virtual classrooms become more engaged. It is possible to design quizzes, host live games, and more using this platform, which is used by more than 50% of US educators. All of these activities will be based on the lesson principles, so you may use games and entertaining tasks to help pupils grasp each lesson.

Final note: 

There are several compelling reasons to pursue online learning, and the options are virtually endless. Whatever your goal for taking online courses is, they may help you get a better grasp of the things that interest you and perhaps lead to the profession and career that you’ve always wanted. Good luck with your studies!

Carter Martin

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