5 Amazing Free Writing Softwares/Apps for Writers

Whenever people get to know that a person is a writer or author they seem to assume that writing is all fun. All the time. Well, that’s not the truth. Writing is not always fun, sometimes it gets quite frustrating and draining. Right? But since things are growing digitally and now that most of us are writing on the screen we can get help from the apps and software that help us lessen some of our work burdens. So in this article, you will find – 5 Amazing Free Writing Softwares/Apps for Writers – apps and software that you can use free of charge.

5 Amazing Free Writing Softwares/Apps for Writers

The software provided below are the apps that you can use on your devices and they are free. some do have premium versions but that doesn’t change the fact that you can still use the free version to add quality to your writing. So, without delay, let us get into the list of the software below –

  • Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence – This app is becoming popular among writing apps and is used but a lot of writers. If you want you can even add an extention to your browser. Let us see what makes Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence stand out among the other apps.
  1. Fixes grammatical spellings and errors
  2. Suggests Synonyms
  3. Vocabulary enhancement
  4. easy to use
  5. Premium version available
  6. Tell you the tone of your writing
  7. Works on all the devices
  8. Rated – 4.4 stars on Google Playstore
  • AI Grammar Checker for English – This app helps you makes your writing error free. No matter what you are writing – email, research paper, blog – it makes sure your writing is clear and easy to understand. Let us see the service this app provides in the list given below –
  1. Auto-correct your sentence
  2. Accurate corrections
  3. Provides detailed analysis
  4. Built-in OCR text scanner
  5. Provides pronounciation of words
  6. Translation in 109 languages
  7. Rated 4.5 stars on Google playstore
  8. Contains ads
  9. Offers in-app purchases available

To visit the Google play app to know more about the app!

  • Google Docs – If you are a Google user you know the importance of Google Docs when it comes to writing. It is the best free writing tool that a writer will come across while searching for free writing apps. Let us look at some of the advantages the Google Doc provides in the list given below –
  1. You can access your work on any device
  2. Compatible with Word documents
  3. Easy and real-time collaboration
  4. Consist all the important features required for writing
  5. Google Doc is completly free
  6. Automatically saves your writing.
  7. Easy to share your work
  8. Add it as your Chrome extension
  • Focus Writer – If your are one of those writer who gets easily distracted then this software is definitely for you which will help you to focus on your writing without any distactions. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux. Let us look at some of the features that Focus Writer provides in the list given below –
  1. Provides distraction free writing environment
  2. Set writing goals
  3. Customizable themes available
  4. Translated into 20 languages
  5. Easy and Simple to use
  6. Let’s you focus completely on your work
  7. Provides multi-documents support
  • Canva: Design, Photo & Video – A lot of writers loves to add pictures to their writing work to makes it look more interesting and colourful for their readers. Canva is one of the best Graphic design software that you can use to add pitcures to your writing. Let us look at some of the features in the list given below that you can use while using Canva on your device –
  1. It has free templates
  2. Create posters, presentations, Logos and so much more!
  3. Add text on photos
  4. Directly share your devices on different social media apps or save to gallery
  5. Create your own design
  6. Collaborate and work together with your team
  7. It is fun and very easy to use.
  8. You can also install it in your mobile!

These are some of the best free apps that you must check out if you write using your device. These apps are useful for every writer as their main focus is to make writing error-free and grammatically correct which is the basic and most important part of any written work. Hope you find this article helpful, thank you for visiting the page!

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