Which countries are open for Citizenship by Investment

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Numerous people want to get citizenship in a country for various reasons. Some want the freedom that comes with it, and some just like the idea of being suitable to say they're a citizen of a certain nation. For numerous others, it's about security and safeguarding their lives. Whatever your reason for taking Citizenship by Investment in another country is, you can find out if you qualify by checking out this list. 

Citizenship by Investment 

Some countries offer Citizenship by Investment in exchange for some fiscal donations. The amount may vary from country to country depending on colorful factors like the type of investment, the number of appliers, etc. 

Citizenship by Birthplace 

You're a citizen by birth if you were born in the country. This is anyhow of your parents ’ citizenship. For illustration, if you’re born in Brazil, also you’ll be a Brazilian citizen too. Canada is the same. 

Citizenship by Descent 

One may be suitable to get citizenship by descent If at least one parent is a national of that nation or a child born abroad to a national of that country. Citizenship by descent is also applicable in the case of forefathers. 

Citizenship Through Naturalization 

You can apply for naturalization if you fulfill certain conditions or qualifications, and if it's possible in that country. It means applying for citizenship on the base of your own will after satisfying some legal conditions. In other words, you want to get a citizen of that country of your own will. 

Numerous countries allow you occupancy visas in lieu of investment in their husbandry. 


Portugal offers occupancy to individuals who invest in real estate, qualifying Portugal Golden Visa finances, donations, or capital transfers. 

General Conditions 

  • You’ve kept your investment in Portugal for five years 
  •  You’ve met the minimal stay conditions 
  •  Your criminal record is clean 
  •  You have no outstanding tax payments in Portugal 


To acquire residency in Spain, you’ll need to make an investment worth of minimal €,5000 under the Spain Golden Visa program. 

General Conditions 

  •  You’ve stayed in Spain for at least 183 days per year, in 10 times 
  • You’ve kept your investment in Spain 
  •  You have no outstanding tax payments in Spain 
  •  You have an introductory understanding of Spanish culture and language 


Curaçao is another Caribbean country that offers Citizenship by Investment. The advantage of the Curaçao Investor Permit program is that it’s a route to Dutch citizenship as Curaçao is an independent country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands. 


 Malta’s Individual Investor Program, or MIIP, provides an easy and straightforward way to gain European Union citizenship. The program allows you to get Maltese Citizenship by Investment through funds. 

General Conditions 

  •  You’re over the age of 18 
  •  Your criminal record is clean 
  •  You’re suitable to meet the investment and donation conditions 
  • You have a foreign health insurance policy 
  •  You can give biometric data 
  •  You meet the minimal stay condition 

Antigua and Barbuda 

You can acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by making a one-time investment to the country’s civil development fund of a minimum of$,000. 

General Conditions 

  • You’re over the age of 18 
  • Your criminal record is clean 
  •  You’re suitable to meet the investment and donation conditions 
  •  Your health is in good condition 
  •  You meet the minimal stay demand 
  • You’re willing to take the pledge of allegiance 

Kitts and Nevis 

 Under this Citizenship by Investment program, you have to make an investment of over$,2000 or $,4000 in a government-approved real estate program. 

General Conditions 

  • You’re over the age of 18 and you have a clean criminal record 
  •  You’re suitable to meet the investment conditions 
  •  You can prove the source of your finances 


Turkey is one of the countries that offer citizenship easily. However, one popular option is real estate obtainment in the country, If you’re interested in Turkish citizenship by investment. 

General Conditions 

  •  You’re over the age of 18 
  •  You have a clean criminal record 
  • You’ve made a qualifying investment 
  •  You’ve never stayed in Turkey illegally 

This is the sanctioned citizenship by investment countries list, but for guidance and further information, you can check out Golden Visa countries and see some of the most popular countries that offer citizenship by investment. 


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