What is Short-Term Auto Insurance for One Month

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What is temporary car insurance and should I get it?

Temporary car insurance is not usually offered by many companies and hs is a whole truth right here. But this doesn't mean you cannot get one, you can purchase an insurance policy of a six-month or one-year term, with a choice of paying for it month to month. Don't fall into the trap of the advertiser, meets that claim about a company offering a few days or weeks or 1 month auto insurance. Buying these will not fulfill your needs in an efficient way.

There are options like rental car insurance or non-owner auto insurance, that a temporary insurance holder can consider or modify his own current policy if there is one.

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary auto insurance is short-term car insurance that one needs on a temporary basis. The temporary car insurance works for a term of fewer than six months. Many insurance companies don't provide car insurance for less than six months, that is for a few days. In the U.S, it is completely impossible to get temporary car insurance, many companies straightly say no as it is just illegal in this country to use a car without car insurance. Making and using temporary car insurance cannot be an easy task in US but people still get covered with many alternate options.

If the problem is still unsolved and you have to get one month auto insurance or even two months, in that case, you must hold an insurance policy for your own car, consult your insurer about the adjusting of the policy for a temporary period. now, if you don't own any car, and need a car insurance, then an insurance policy of owner or rental car insurance can be a suitable and reliable option for you.

When and when not to buy temporary car insurance?

Need to get temporary car insurance:

You need to buy short term like one month auto insurance in the following situations

  • In a situation, where you’re renting a car

  • Borrowing another person’s car

  • Seling back a car after using it for a while

  • Using someone's car for a short trip or long (for a few days)

  • Moving to another state and decided to drive there

  • Learning how to drive

  • You are involved in cab services or other ride-sharing services

So in all the such situations, you can get temporary car insurance if you have decided and permanent policy is not working for you because of your temporary need.

Need not to buy temporary car insurance: 

  • If you are purchasing the coverage from the rental car company, then many times these companies offer insurance add-on policies along with the rental agreement. These policies automatically cover you while you are renting the auto.

  • If renting is done using your credit card(having a car collision damage waiver) while you are driving the car, then there is no need to buy separate temporary auto insurance.

Temporary car insurance for students and young drivers: 

Most of the time insurers don't agree at all to provide temporary car insurance to drivers under the age of 21 as they are more prone to get into mishaps or accidents. While some of the companies may allow short-term insurance to students aged between 17 to 20. The companies hold some conditions for it.

  • Should not have penalty points exceeding number 8

  • Should not have any pending prosecutions

  • Should have hold license for at least 12 months

How to get temporary car insurance by a legal way:

  1. In the situation when you are borrowing someone else car and they already have a policy. In such a case, the future incidents completely rely on you and future rates as well that are caused due to the incidents.

  2. Look for several options via which you can get the insurance before even getting o the road. 

  3. Get insurance that is usage-based, this policy works well with drivers who drive less and uses car less often.

  4. Reducing the coverage level for the persons who drives your car on a temporary basis.

To get temporary car insurance, a person should agree to buy it having a term of six months or one year at least. No reputed insurance company would allow less than these units, which you can pay as installments every month or prepay the whole amount at once, you can even request a refund if you want. You also further need to get quotes from the different insurers in order to get the cheapest auto insurance prices. Also, make sure that you are comparing the same time limit, coverage across the multiple insurers.

What does Temporary car insurance include?

The coverage of temporary car insurance depends on the type of temp car insurance you have purchased. You need to ask the insurer what the policy's guidelines are and basic coverage of it, before buying that policy. The coverage should include liability, comprehensive, and collision. Also should include medical, loss of use, and towing.  Don't forget to ask the insurer about the uninsured drivers. 


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