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College: Georgia State University

Location: Atlanta, GA 30302, United States

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Well That's About the University but the Question is What GPA do you need for Georgia State University? Let's Dive right in and find out

Being a high school passout the Coronavirus situation might put you in confusion about starting the application process for colleges. But, nothing can stop you from taking education. You might also have more time in hand in order to choose the best college or university for the purpose of higher studies. 

Enjoying the summer in Atlanta you might think of getting into Georgia State University this fall. Well, I say get to it and start the process of collecting your admission requirements. With the acceptance rate of 56.65% in the year 2018, the university seems to get competitive day by day. But if you have all you test scores and the required GPA and a nice curriculum as an icing on your scores no one can stop you from getting into Georgia State University.

GPA Requirement:-

What GPA do you need to admit into Georgia State University?

You are required to maintain at least 3.49 GPA for getting admission in Georgia State University. The admission rates in this university is 57.4% (i.e. For every 100 applicants 57 of them are admitted).

SAT and ACT scores Requirement:-

What are the SAT scores needed for the students to be admitted to Georgia State University?

From the previous record there is an estimate of 81 percent applicants submitting their SAT scores to Georgia State University. They usually admit the applicants who are in the top 49 percent of SAT test takers. There are recorded instances in which the university accepted SAT as low as 960. Generally their SAT admission scores range from 1060-1250. Average SAT composite for admitted freshmen is 1160 out of 1600. 

What are the ACT scores needed for students to be admitted to Georgia State University?

Georgia State University generally accepts students with ACTs of 21 and above as per their previous admission data. Applicants generally range in the top 43 percent nationally of ACT scores. In some cases, the university also accepts the ACT composite score as low as 18. If you submit an ACT composite score of 24 and above you will be in the upper half of the applicants and submitting a score of above 26 will take you in the competitive pool of admittance. 

Further admission requirements:-

Now that the Grades and Test Scores perspective is clear, let's move on to additional or recommended requirements that will help you take admission in the Georgia State University. The below-mentioned requirements will help you differentiate your application through added knowledge and achievements.

  • You will need Main Academic Excellence required as per the standards of Georgia State University.
  • Mention Extracurriculars that match with the values of the Institution.
  • Write an essay that tells Georgia State University about your unmentioned achievements in the application. 
  • Attach teacher recommendations that speak about your character. Make sure to match the recommendation to the department you are going to major in.
  • Make sure that the last minute submission of the application can snatch the precious time window from you that could be beneficial for your selection.Don’t risk the added stress that late application submission can cause.


What types of services are available to students at the Counseling and Testing Center?

All doubts about the Counseling and Testing Center can be cleared on their website. But in general you do need to worry about attaining counseling services from the institution. They provide confidential personal service to the students enrolled at the Georgia State University. Students can avail same day walk in consultation from their counselor. 

Counseling and Testing Center Address: 75 Piedmont

Counseling and Testing Center Contact: 404-413-1640

How do I respond to a life-threatening medical emergency occurring on campus?

Dial 9-911 (from on campus phones) for an ambulance and then call the Georgia State University Police for assistance at 404-413-3333 in case of any life threatening medical emergencies. The police will then monitor the situation until the arrival of the ambulance and help from thereon.

How can I help my students find a part-time job on or off campus?

Handshake is a job board that is available to all people having their Panther ID and password. It is free and available 24X7 for students to get part-time employment opportunities. The job boards on Handshake provide jobs both on campus and locally. Students can use their Panther ID and password to log on to the platform.

I have been asked to advise a student organization affiliated with my department. What resources are available for advisors?



There is an advisor facility in place to support Student Organizations. You can contact them at a calling number: 404-413-1580 or visit their official website link.

Are faculty members allowed to use the Recreation Center?

A membership plan is put in place by the institution for the faculty members. For information like fees, policies and lockers visit their official website link.

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