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College: Ohio State University

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Well That's About the University but the Question is What GPA do you need for Ohio State University? Let's Dive right in and find out

Ohio State University has more than 200 areas of study. A degree from Ohio State University can transform your life. Their programmes are all set at a whole new different level that prepare you for a lifetime success. The four regional campuses of the Ohio State University combine the strengths of the nation's largest land-grant, comprehensive research institution with the experience of small, student-centered, liberal-arts focused institutions. 

This university is moderately competitive with a 52% acceptance rate ranking it 13 out of 190 colleges in Ohio. There were 24,988 admitted applicants out of 48,077 last year. The best college expects the best from you, it generally admits students scoring high ranking and are a part of the top 17%. Only 32% of admitted applicants choose to enroll in the Ohio State University. 

GPA Requirement:-

What GPA do you need to admit into Ohio State University?

If you want to get admitted to Ohio State University you require a GPA of 3.83, this university requires you to be above average in the class or you can say near the top. Ohio State university has 52% of acceptance rate. It generally attracts students with A- grade.

SAT and ACT scores Requirement:-

What are the SAT scores needed for the students to be admitted to Ohio state university?


If you are applying to Ohio State University, you must have attained the top ranking of upto 19% of SAT test takers. The admitted average SAT composite for freshman is 1350 out of 1600. 

From the previous record check it is noted that only 35% of students submit their SAT scores to the university. If you score 1450 and above, there is 65% chances of getting admitted to Ohio State University. In some cases students could be accepted with SAT’s as low as 1130. 

What are the ACT scores needed for students to be admitted to Ohio State University?

The range of ACT scores is 27- 32 as indicated by Ohio State University’s previous admittance records. The minimum estimated ACT composite score is 24 that the university accepts. Looking at the statistics of last few years Ohio State University typically accepts ACT scores of students who are in the top 15% nationally.

Further admission requirements:-

Your coursework difficulty, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and personal statements are as important as your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. 


Get to know your living arrangement and choice of degree in the FAQs mentioned below.

What are my options?

It is not uncommon of you to be undecided about which major you want to choose. Ohio State University’s ‘Exploration Program’ provides support and guidance for exploring more than 200 areas of study. Specialized advisors of the university help you conduct self-assessments, filter through potential academic options, and connect to a desired career path and corresponding area of study.

How long will it take to get a degree?

It depends upon your majors and whether you enroll full or part time, participate in a co-op or internship, or study abroad. Statistically speaking, nearly 84 percent of Ohio State’s incoming first-year students graduate within six years of full-time enrollment (two semesters per year), and about 60 percent graduate within four years.

What is Ohio State’s residency requirement?

You may also live with your parents or close relatives or in an approved fraternity or sorority as a means of meeting the residency requirement. But, if you graduate from high school in 2021 you are required to live on campus that is contingent on space availability. Housing is not guaranteed and is dependent completely upon space availability. Housing information is emailed to BuckeyeMail accounts on a rolling basis depending on date of admission and space availability in university residences.

Can students choose their own roommates?

You can request a particular roommate when you complete the housing contract. They generally match mutually requested roommates. You can indicate your preferences for roommates, visitation patterns, learning communities and special accommodations on the housing contract.

What amenities are offered in Ohio State’s residence halls?

Every residence hall room or suite has a cable hookup or IPTV capability with access to a wide range of channels. Further all are furnished with a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. All halls or complexes have a laundry room, study room and recreation room, and all of them have wireless connectivity.

When are housing contracts available?

You can check contracts availability in Autumn semester housing information it includes details about living on campus and instructions for completing the online contract. The details are emailed to BuckeyeMail accounts starting in mid-March in the order that acceptance fees are received. You can manage your Ohio State Username, password and email delivery at my.osu.edu.


Take my advice and try out different schools and colleges, fill the form and wait for acceptance. This will help you not only keep open options but also increase your chance of admittance.

For this try the best colleges around and near you. There is a lot of competition out there, so to take a sure shot at admission fill out forms of different competitive universities. I have mentioned some of them below:

Name of College Location SAT Requirement ACT Requirement
Baruch College Manhattan, New york 1130 27
St. John’s University Jamaica, U.S. 1270 29
Georgia State University Atlanta, GA 1160 24
New York University New York, NY 1440 32
Villanova University Villanova, PA 1395 33

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