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its passenger rolled off. What is the magnitude of the horizontal net force thatslows the 110 N sled? (Assume ag = 10m/s2)D​ None


a. provide a good way to express your individuality b. increase the amount of calories you use while exercising c. eliminate the need to wear high-quality shoes d. keep your feet dry while exercising None


2. a protein substance necessary to healthy skin. 3. the inner layer of skin that contains hair follicles and sweat glands. 4. responsible for the production of sebum. 5. an oily substance that protects the skin. 6. the result of sebum being trapped in a follicle with a piece of dirt or bacteria. 7. the results of sweat being allowed to sit on bacteria-crowded areas of the skin. 8. the best means of prevention for body odor and acne. sebum,epidermis,keratin,body odor,acne,sebaceous glands,washing,dermis... match the correct word with the sentence. None


I. rectangle II. rhombus III. parallelogram IV. square A. I and IV B. none of these OC. IN D. III None


a. All the cells have identical DNA b. The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from the DNA of all of the other cells C. The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from some, but not all, of the other cells d. Only the fertilized egg contains DNA. None


Juanita is not taking Stewart to the prom. A. ​Subject: Juanita ​Verb: is not B. ​Subject: Juanita ​Verb: is not taking C. ​Subject: Juanita ​Verb: is taking D. ​Subject: Stewart ​Verb: to None