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pro-immigrant. anti-radical. pro-labor. anti-government. None


Basically the same age Older than the one above it (my answer) Older than the one below it Thicker than the one above it None


a.87% of freshwater b.a tiny fraction of Earth’s freshwater c.a majority of Earth’s freshwater d.a majority of water on earth None


A. Both NPN and PNP transistors consist of an emitter, base, and collector. B. Both NPN and PNP transistors consist of a base composed of an N-type material. C. Both NPN and PNP transistors consist of P-type and N-type material. D. Both NPN and PNP transistors operate in the same manner but with interchanged terminals and opposite directions of voltage and current. None


2 – n 2n 2 + n 2n 3. Which of the following molecules does NOT display resonance? benzene phenylethane m-xylene cyclohexane None


Read the following sentences from "The Black Sheep." Meanwhile, the ones who had become rich got into the honest man's habit of going to the bridge at night to watch the water flow by beneath it. This increased the confusion because it meant lots of others became rich and lots of others became poor. Now, the rich people saw that if they went to the bridge every night, they'd soon be poor. And they thought: "Let's pay some of the poor to go and rob for us." They made contracts, fixed salaries, percentages: they were still thieves of course, and they still tried to swindle each other. But, as tends to happen, the rich got richer and richer and the poor got poorer and poorer. 12. In these sentences, the narrator seems to suggest that the people admire the honest man's hobbies. most people try to cheat others in some way. societal structures are built on values and hard work. society does not reward those who perform good deeds. Read the following sentence from "The Balek Scales." Everything my grandfather took to the Baleks he entered on the back of a torn-off calendar page: every pound of mushrooms, every gram of thyme, and on the right-hand side, in his childish handwriting, he entered the amount he received for each item; he scrawled in every pfennig, from the age of seven to the age of twelve, and by the time he was twelve the year 1900 had arrived, and because the Baleks had been raised to the aristocracy by the Emperor, they gave every family in the village a quarter of a pound of real coffee, the Brazilian kind; there was also free beer and tobacco for the men, and at the chateau there was a great banquet; many carriages stood in the avenue of poplars leading from the entrance gates to the chateau. 13. In this sentence, the narrator recounts the grandfather's note taking most likely to show the meticulous nature of the men in his village. demonstrate how intelligent his grandfather had been. provide a contrasting image of rich and poor in his society. illustrate the importance of accuracy when measuring income. Read the following sentences from "Forbidden Fruit." It was perhaps to overtake him that my brother had wanted to become a car driver since the fourth grade. On every scrap of paper he would write the same text: To: Transport Office Chief Manager I hereby request that you employ me at your agency since I am a third-class driver. Later he realized his childhood dream, but it turned out that he had to exceed speed limits to overtake his temperament and finally had to change his trade. 14. Using information in these sentences, the reader can most likely conclude that the narrator's brother cannot hold a steady job due to his fits of rage. lost his driver's license due to speeding violations. is embarrassed about his lack of accomplishment. knows from an early age that he wants to race cars. Read the following lines from the story "Forbidden Fruit." Of course, in childhood there were occasions when I could have tasted pork in kindergarten or ate at the home of a friend, but I never broke the commandment. When we had rice and pork in kindergarten, I fished out all the pieces of pork and gave them to my friends. I conquered the agony of yearning by the sweetness of self-denial. I enjoyed my ideological superiority. It was pleasant to be an enigma, to behave in a way baffling to everyone around. And yet, all the more intensely did I dream of transgression. 15. The type of conflict portrayed in these sentences can best be identified as man vs. man. man vs. nature. man vs. society. man vs. himself. None


Find coefficient between the box and the ramp. What acceleration would a 175 kg box have on this ramp? None

Social Studies

a) hurts the poor b) hurts the wealthy c) is the only fair tax d) is unfair to the middle class None