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A. the Fransicians B. the Hussians C. the Society of Jesus D. the Trentites None


1. ¿Cuántas personas pueden asistir al Festival de Viña del Mar? quince mil personas/ quinientas mil personas/ cinco mil personas 2. ¿Qué es la Diablada? un festival en Chile/ una antigua danza/ un desfile en Colombia 3. ¿Qué celebran en Quito en agosto? la Semana Santa/ el Mes de las Artes/ el carnaval de Oruro 4. ¿Cuáles son dos atracciones en la Feria Juniana de San Pedro Sula? la comida típica y rodeos/ alfombras de flores y procesiones/ concursos musicales y conciertos 5. ¿Qué es la Quinta Vergara? un anfiteatro/ un espectáculo musical/ una casa de campo None


A. TV and movies had overtaken theater as the default entertainment. B. Members of all social classes saw plays. C. Theatergoers were mostly wealthy. D. Theater began to compete with movies and radio. None


a. The apple is thought to symbolize the apple eaten by Adam in the Bible, largely based on the title, The Son of Man. b. Many who view this piece feel uncomfortable about the image, because many can relate to this image and the sense of having temptation in front of us. c. One theory about this painting is that it represents the temptations always directly facing mankind, no matter what the time or space. d. All of the above are true. None


a.)The nucleus stores the coded instructions for making the cell’s proteins. b.)The nucleus usually contains a nucleolus region which is where ribosome assembly begins. c.)The nucleus is the site of protein assembly. d.)The nucleus is surrounded by a nuclear envelope that lets materials in and out. None