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1. By 1980, the Soviet Union was ailing from all of the following causes EXCEPT one. Which one? (1 point) a declining economy rising infant mortality poor working conditions too many political reforms 2. President Reagan did all of the following EXCEPT (1 point) provide aid to Afghan rebels. call the Soviets an "evil empire." begin a military build-up. sign the Brezhnev Doctrine. 3. Gorbachev soon realized that economic reform would not succeed without (1 point) a Five-Year Plan. tractors. political reform. destroying the United States. 4. President Carter protested the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by (1 point) starting an arms race. canceling U.S. participation in the 1980 Olympic Games. importing grain from the USSR. reuniting Germany. 5. Which of the following describes the Cold War during Gorbachev's leadership? (1 point) The Cold War intensified. The Cold War came to an end. The Cold War stagnated. The Cold War became a World War None


2. de repente auténtico casi nunca enseguida 3. balcón escalera muebles soler 4. hacer mandados a tiempo ir de compras probarse 5. costumbre rutina cotidiano apagar 6. quitar el polvo barato caro ganga 7. quehaceres hogar soledad limpieza 8. barrer acostumbrarse soler cotidiano None


A) consistent B) equivalent C) inconsistent For the following pair of lines, identify the system by type.