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PART B: Which detail from the text best supports the answer to Part A? * 1 point “Children and adults are different, a fact the law routinely recognizes when juveniles are prohibited from buying beer or casting a vote.” (Paragraph 1) “Yet in recent years, many states have decided to sentence more children to the longer periods of incarceration normally reserved for adults, especially for serious and violent crimes.” (Paragraph 2) “Studies comparing the recidivism rates of youth processed in the juvenile system with those handled in the adult system indicate that youth processed in the adult system are likely to re—offend more quickly and at higher rates.” (Paragraph 5) “For too long, we have defaulted to incarceration as a way to respond to all manner of adolescent behavior.” (Paragraph 7) None


1. should be kept near the edge of the stove 2. should not be brought to a full boil 3. should be watched carefully 4. should not be filled greater than halfway None


Under 45 Over 45 Total Bald 24 16 40 Not Bald 36 24 60 60 40 100 Based on this data, are baldness and being over 45 independent events? None


It dilutes minerals in the soil. It causes the soil to break apart and carries it away. It often contains contaminants that poison the soil. It prevents the aeration of the soil. None