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Which of the following factors affects the strength of the gravitational force between two objects? The shape of the objects The composition of the objects The temperature of the objects The distance between the objects None


a.Tú eres el profesor de ciencias.b.Ella es de Cuba.c.Él es mi mejor amigo. None


L’année dernière _______ les lundis, mercredis, et parfois les vendredis. A) je travailles B) je travaille C) j’ai travaillé D) je travaillais I’m confused between A and C! None


Lena's phone number has six digits they are all different she remembers it as three 2 digit numbers The first digit number is a factor of 118 The second 2 digit number is a prime number less than twenty The third 2 digit number is a square number which is not a cube number What is her phone number? None