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a. The sidelines are perpendicular to each other by the definition of the Transitive Property. b. The sidelines are parallel by the Same-Side Interior Angles Theorem. c. The sidelines are perpendicular by the Perpendicular Transversal Theorem d. The sidelines are parallel because they are perpendicular to the same line. None


(A) can enter from the surroundings, but cannot escape to the surroundings (B) can enter from or escape to the surroundings (C) can escape to the surroundings, but not enter from the surroundings (D) is not allowed to enter from or escape to the surroundings None


A) He defeated the Danes and drove them out of England. B) He joined with his three older brothers to divide English lands. C) He signed a peace treaty with Guthrum, a French military leader. D) He worked toward peace by reducing the size of his army and navy. None