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1. Interest rates increase. 2. Banks loan more money. 3. Unemployment declines. 4. Uncertainty increases. 5. Real income declines. ANSWERS : 1, 4, 5 None


The enthalpy of formation of MX is ΔHf° = –423 kJ/mol. The enthalpy of sublimation of M is ΔHsub = 119 kJ/mol. The ionization energy of M is IE = 469 kJ/mol. The electron affinity of X is ΔHEA = –301 kJ/mol. The bond energy of X2 is BE = 161 kJ/mol. Determine the lattice energy of MX. None

Social Studies

A. They regulate commerce between states. B. They are held by the states alone. C. They permit the drafting of soldiers. D. They are implied within the Constitution. None


Turning your key on to operate the fuel gauge Sending all passengers below while refueling Using the hands-free clip to avoid spills Closing all hatches and doors while refueling None


A. it is where the electrons and protons are located. B. it is the negatively charged part of the atom C. it is the part f the atom with the greatest mass D. it is where all of the particles of the atom are located None


Given:▱ABCD with diagonal line segment BD Prove: Triangle ABD is congruent to triangle CDB Statements: Line segment AB is parallel to line segment CD Angle ABD is congruent to angle CDB Triangle ABD is congruent to triangle CDB"