Total Body Enhancement with Red Light Therapy

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Red light therapy is one of the excellent methods to help users with their several health and skin problems. Many kinds of research and studies have proved its efficiency and effectiveness.

Today in this article, we will discuss how this therapy can enhance the total body before and after therapy.

How does Red Light Therapy Ensure Total Wellness?

Red light therapy utilizes specific red light wavelengths to energize body cells. These wavelengths are larger in the visible light spectrum. Therefore, they can travel deeper into the skin and reach muscle and bone cells. 

When these wavelengths fall on body cells, mitochondria gather energy from them to activate them. These activated mitochondria then enhance the cellular activities to repair damaged cells.

As the cells get repaired, they can replicate healthy cell growth. Thus the whole body area, administered under red light therapy, starts to rejuvenate.

Enhanced cellular activities increase circulation around the body to take the benefits further. Therefore, the blood can absorb oxygen better and transport this oxygen and other nutrients to the necessary places of the body. In addition, toxins and other unwanted substances can be removed from the body effectively.

When light therapy devices are used to project wavelengths on the body, several protein productions and collagen production are also boosted. For example, collagen protein, elastin protein, melatonin hormone, and testosterone hormone production are seen to get a boost in the presence of red light therapy.

Collagen and elastin protein helps repair skin damage. These proteins help remove wrinkles, sun spots, and other skin damage that are challenging to remove. On the other hand, the testosterone hormone helps people boost their libido, while melatonin helps people to fall asleep. 

Additionally, the melatonin hormone helps people to reduce stress and fall asleep. Thus, one can restore their circadian rhythm and get rid of seasonal affective disorder and several other types of depression.

Thus, red light therapy can help its users get rid of a wide range of health problems and ensure total wellness. 

How Can One Receive Red Light Therapy?

There are two prominent ways to receive red light therapy. One can book a therapy session in a red light therapy saloon or get a therapy device for at-home use.

One will need to book an appointment in the therapy saloon to receive this therapy. When it is their time for the appointment, they will be asked to remove their clothes and get into therapy attire. As the therapy devices in the saloons are significantly powerful, one will need to take appropriate safety measures too.

Once they are in the therapy attire, they will be administered under the red light wavelengths for 20 minutes for each side of the body. After 40 minutes, the therapy session will end. 

A professional therapist will supervise the whole therapy session to ensure the safety of the therapy receiver. The therapy receiver will see a significant difference from their first therapy session. However, one will need to continue the therapy sessions to keep receiving the therapy benefits.

On the other hand, anyone can purchase a red light therapy device to keep receiving this therapy in their home whenever they want. There are several types of red light therapy devices available to purchase.

If one wants to receive full-body red light therapy, red light panels are the best kind of device one can purchase. These panels cover most of the body area and allow the user to stay in the most comfortable positions. 

Other than red light panels, one can also invest in LED face masks to get therapy for their skin. However, these devices will not help them to receive full-body therapy benefits and may pose problems when used on other body parts instead of the face. 

Red light therapy is natural, non-invasive, and has almost no side effects. However, if anyone has too light-sensitive skin, they may suffer from temporary redness, itchiness, or burn from this therapy. However, one can easily avoid these occurrences by adjusting irradiance and the distance of the therapy device. 

If any damage done by the therapy is not resolved within days, consult a medical professional to further investigate the problem. It is also wise to consult a professional before getting this therapy.

While purchasing a red light therapy device, it is crucial to check if it emits the correct light wavelengths. Also, check whether the device is medical grade and FDA approved. Low-quality red light therapy devices will not offer much or any therapeutic benefits.

Bottom Line

In light of the above discussion, it is safe to say that red light therapy is an excellent method for you to get multiple therapeutic benefits at once. With the help of the correct device, you can receive this therapy whenever you want to resolve various health concerns.

Although this therapy poses no side effects, it is wise to consult a doctor to ensure this therapy is the right fit for you. Once that is determined, you will just need to turn on the device and get the best health benefits.


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