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Which of the following statements is FALSE about the respiratory system structures?

(a) The trachea is composed of C-shaped hyaline cartilage rings (b) The superior, middle, and nasal conchae humidify incoming air (c) The pharynx is found in the back of the throat and contains the epiglottis (d) The larynx contains both true and false vocal cords None

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Answer:(c) The pharynx is found in the back of the throat and contains the epiglottis Explanation:(a) Trachea is composed of  large C-shaped rings of hyaline cartilage. The rings helps to prevent the collapse of tracheal mucosa.
Hence, the statement is true.(b) The superior, middle, and nasal concha are scroll-shaped bony elements. They help in increasing the surface area of nasal cavities and as a result rapid warming and humidification of the air takes place.
Hence, the statement is true.(c) The pharynx is a part of digestive system and also respiratory system. It is situated immediately behind the mouth and the nasal cavity, and above the esophagus and the larynx. Epiglottis is one of the nine cartilaginous structures which make up larynx. When we breathe, it lies completely within larynx. When we swallow, it serves as a part of anterior of pharynx.Hence, the statement is false.(d) The larynx is an organ located at the top of neck. Larynx houses both the vocal folds, and functions to  manipulate the pitch and the volume, which is essential for the production or utterance of speech sounds.
Hence, the statement is true.

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