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What is produced during the replacement reaction of Cu(NO3)2 and Zn?

1. ZnNO3 + Cu 2. Zn + Cu(NO3)2 3. ZnCu + 2NO3 4. Zn(NO3)2 + Cu None

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What  is produced  during  the  replacement  reaction  of CU(NO3)2  and zn  is       Zn(NO3)2  +Cu (answer 4)
explanation Replacement  reaction  is  a   type  of  chemical reaction in  which   an  element  react  with  a  compound  and  take the  place  of another  element  in that compound.  Zn  is  more reactive than  Cu, therefore Zn replaces   cu from   CU(NO3)2  to form  Zn(NO3)2  +Cu

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