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Using complete sentences, explain the purposes and roles of international organizations.

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Answer:An international organization is an organization with international membership, most often states. An international organization is a permanent community of at least three states, which was founded by an international treaty, has its own bodies and is constantly striving to achieve the goal for which it was founded. Such an organization also has an international personality, derived from the founding states, but limited only by the purpose of the international organization. This can be peacekeeping, development of economic, scientific, cultural cooperation, etc.
All members of an international organization are (at least formally) equal. This is reflected in its supreme body, the assembly (congress, conference, etc.), where all the members of the organization sit and which decides on the basic issues of its activities. However, the executive body is usually a council (committee, etc.) on a limited number of members, which operatively decides on current issues, not only the most important states have a permanent place, but in some cases a veto, such as the UN Security Council. Resolutions or declarations of an international organization are usually non-binding, which follows from the basic principle that international organizations should not replace the activities of states, but only complement it.

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