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Take one action that increases your pride. It could be related to your family, assets, culture, language, or invisible diversity. In a paragraph of 3-5 complete sentences, write about your action and submit this as your work for the lesson.

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A possible paragraph concerning the theme of "action that increases your pride" is the following:An action that increases my pride is helping my mother at home. Family is really important to me, and my mother has sacrificed a lot to raise me and my siblings. When I help her at home with the chores, I feel proud of myself for having something to offer in return, even if small, for all her hard-work. I also feel proud of my family for being united, caring, and empathetic.When writing this type of paragraph, begin by directly stating what the prompt asks of you. In this case, immediately reveal what the action that increases your pride is.Next, explain why that action makes you feel proud. If necessary, offer some context. In this case, we mentioned the importance of family and the hard-working mother.If you choose a different action, such as a skill you have (drawing, singing, playing a sport), you can explain it by saying you enjoy doing your best and working hard to achieve something.Learn more about this topic

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