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Glycogen is stored in the body for future use. If it is drawn upon, it will: a. be readily available because it is stored in unlimited amounts in the muscles b. provide energy for cellular activities during extended meal intervals c. be depleted from the liver after several days d. provide fat for oxidation when glucose is unavailable e. be replaced easily by protein eaten once a day

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Answer: when glycogen is withdrawn from diet it is depleted from liver.Explanation:When the body gets excess diet in the form of carbohydrates, due to insulin relases the glucose molecules are linked together in a chain, producing longer units, called glycogen. Glycogen is then stored in liver muscles kidney and red blood celss before it is converted to fats.Glycogen deficiency results in decreased blood sugar levels than normal, which causes glycogen to release by the liver and then break down into glucose. This complex mechanism, called glycogenolysis, helps balance blood sugar levels.The glycogen that is stored in our muscles is not depleted.In other words, once it’s stored in muscle, it’s not capable of being transported to other areas of the body to provide fuel. Hence, the liver stores are depleted first when glycogen is depleted.

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