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A certain part of cast iron piping of a water distribution system involves a parallel section. Both parallel pipes have a diameter of 30 cm, and the flow is fully turbulent. One of the branches (pipe A) is 1500 m long, while the other branch (pipe B) is 2700 m long. If the flow rate through pipe A is 0.4 m3/s, determine the flow rate through pipe B. Disregard minor losses and assume the water temperature to be 15°C. Is the flow turbulent or laminar? Is the friction factor dependent or independent of the Reynold's number? The density and dynamic viscosity of water at 15°C are rho = 999.1 kg/m3 and μ = 1.138 × 10–3 kg/m·s. The roughness of the cast iron pipe is ε = 0.00026 m.

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Answer:Re = 5490.49Explanation:check the attachment for explicit solution

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