Put a ring on and flaunt it

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Which momentous occasion in life is complete without a little sparkle? Whether it is a marriage proposal or graduation, nothing marks a milestone better than jewellery. Every jewellery piece adds sentimental value to your life. Rings in particular are something you can cherish for a long time. If you outgrow them, then the trend of wearing them around your neck with a chin comes in handy!

Rings started with a simple band or a solitaire surrounded by diamonds. If you wish to see fine jewellery, you can check out this website. The evolution of this jewellery is a marvel. There is a ring for every occasion and time of the day. Rings have transcended the boundaries of conventional uses and designs and have become increasingly popular. There are rings suitable to be worn to the office, parties, and as daily wear too. Let us look at some of the trends that are catching on. 

  1. Charm rings – Yes, you read that right. After charm bracelets, it is now charm rings that have taken over the market. The elegance and class of a ring coupled with that of attractive charms make for amazing party wear as well as casual wear. The charm may be a tassel, a letter, abstract shapes, and precious stones too. The ring can be minimalistic or dramatic but the twist of a charm keeps it interesting. 

  2. Stack rings – Stack rings are rings that come in sets and can be stacked on your finger. There may be of the same design or theme to ensure they go with each other. Stack rings may be one single ring with multiple layers or separate rings that form a set. These look great with any casual outfit as you can mix and match outfits and other jewellery depending on your rings. These may be a combination of precious stones and metals. Stacked rings can be matched with some elegant earrings and a quirky necklace to complete your outfit. 

  3. Finger sleeves – Up your glam factor with finger sleeves. These are generally over-the-top and chunky rings that cover a lot of your finger. The designs are robust and can be big enough to encompass your finger. Finger sleeves are rings that are joined and are meant for 2 different fingers as well. Generally, these are made for adjacent fingers. These are also called finger cuffs and the shapes can range from geometric patterns to floral designs. 

  4. Top open rings – Top open rings are a blessing when you do not know the size of the person for whom you are buying the ring. The ring can be adjusted for size changes. Top open rings have pearls or diamonds studded and are not a full circle. Top open rings look great with casual clothes. These rings look come in different themes and there are plenty of motifs available. 

Browse around here if you want to see awesome designs of rings and other jewellery for yourself and your loved ones. Rings can define your entire look and transform your style. They are a subtle statement in themselves and an indicator of the kind of personality you have. Rings can be matched with any clothing and they don’t limit you in any way. Go online and choose the one you like best to get started!


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