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What was a result of rail standardization?

Railways were able to transport meat without spoilage. Trains provided cars with pull-down beds for overnight travel. Trains from different rail lines could use each other’s tracks. Rail companies began to create their own styles of rails and tracks. None

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As a result of rail standardization, trains from different rail lines could use each other’s tracks.As rail became the main mode of transportation in the 19th century, more than 300 railroad companies emerged to take advantage of the demand for rail services. These rail services did not want other services using their lines so they constructed tracks to different sizes that would ensure a train that didn't use that size would not be able to run on it. Rail standardization eventually happened after 1869 when the companies realized that:different rail lines were expensive to operate more profit could be made by standardization. Once they standardized and every track became the same size, all trains could run on all lines. In conclusion, rail standardization allowed trains from different lines to run on every other track. Find out more at .com/question/12892964.

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