How to make dorm rooms entertaining for students

How to make dorm rooms entertaining for students

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Have you ever gone away from home to study in a school or a college? Even if it’s a school that’s close to home, it can become inconvenient to travel back and forth between the college and home every day. So, people often prefer to send their children to apartment-like places known as dormitories or dorms.

A dorm is a place where students live with roommates. Dorms can be described as apartment-like, but there are certain factors that make dorms different from apartments. Dorms are also called residence halls or sometimes student residences.

Where you study in colleges far from your home, you have a choice to live in the school-sponsored dorms or some sort of off-campus apartment. While apartments are typically cheaper than dorms, students are provided with almost all basic amenities within the dorm’s price. 

Dorms usually have less privacy than apartments because many facilities like laundry, bathrooms, etc. are shared by a whole block of students. Also, dorms and other forms of student housing have more rules and regulations that students must follow while they live there.

What is it like living in Dorms?

If you have not lived in a dorm yourself, then you’ve probably heard about it from your friends or any other person that has lived the life of a typical college student.

Dorm life is designed specifically to make sure that the students build up their focus on the important stuff, i.e, academics as well as the fun part, i.e, social and recreational activities that are offered in the institution, such as clubs. Some of the benefits that dorms provide are mentioned below:

  1. An ample amount of food is already paid for and within close proxemity.

  2. Access to state-of-the-art technology and research facilities.

  3. An environment full of peers to help find friends as well as study buddies.

  4. Almost every essential facility is within the walking distance.

The dorms provide a convenience factor to the academics. They keep students within proximity to libraries and labs at almost any time! Isn't this a clever way of encouraging education?

Besides all this, the dorms sometimes make the atmosphere boring and so do the students feel while living in there. That is the reason we are here with some ideas to lighten up your dormitory life! These ideas would probably convert the not-so-interesting environment into an entertaining place. Have a check below.

Effective ways to make dorm rooms entertaining for students

Dormitories are sometimes boring and do not give a feeling of homeliness to students when they return after a long day of a hectic schedule full of classes. So, here we are with some ideas of improving the attractive look as well as creating a pleasing atmosphere within the dorm room.

  • LED strip lights

Often used for mood lighting, LED strip lights are colorful additions to dorm rooms. Many students use strip lights to improve the atmosphere when overhead lights are switched off. This creates a heavenly feel throughout the room. These lights often provide several color options or will cycle through colors automatically, with different patterns and effects. Installing lights such as these make a huge difference!

  • Portable projectors

Dorms typically refer to small rooms with limited space inside. You can't come up with a big projection screen to satisfy the urge to watch movies all weekend. Portable projectors are a solution for that dilemma. These days, you are provided with an option of portable projectors that are lightweight and can contribute to enhancing the seamless night shows of yours as well as your friends.

These can be adjusted flexibly anywhere in the room with suitable components, unlike your LED or LCD TVs. Just take care of the connectivity so that the projector you buy connects with your source device easily. 


Whether an audiophile or a person who loves watching movies regularly or at the weekends, you might need this part of your electronic gadgets collection. Speakers are something that has their value in the log go. They just are awesome, no matter whether you are tired, sad, happy, stressed, or jolly. A person like me who loves music and movies a lot would probably prefer one pair in my dorm room.

But it doesn't end here. Speakers have their types. They are your companions when you are alone working on a study guide or with friends having a good time. HiFi speakers, such as those offered by Selby are the best way to turn a dorm into a great listening space for music and podcasts. Great speaker set-ups will provide more of a concert-like feel rather than the generic sound of a typical Bluetooth speaker.

Amazon’s Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo dot is a smart speaker that uses Alexa, an AI voice assistant that helps students by performing important tasks like setting up alarms, running countdowns on timers, controlling smart hardware, and answering everyday questions.

Trust me, the echo dot is one of the best things that you might keep in your dorm room. Once installed, you just need to say “Alexa” and it wakes up. You just need to provide it with your desired command after that. With the help of Echo Dot, you can convert your simple and boring dorm room into an interesting and voice-responsive smart area. That would run just by your voice commands. That would be so cool!

These were some of the many ideas that could enhance yor\ur experience if you are going to live in a dormitory for your education.

About the article

Dormitories are sometimes boring and do not give a feeling of welcoming to students when they return after a whole long day of a hectic schedule. In this article, we’ve discussed some gadgets that would help you to make your dorm room entertaining, comfortable as well as enjoyable! 


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