How to earn money as a freelancer in 2022

How to earn money as a freelancer in 2022

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Are you exhausted with your 9-5 job and looking at your clock to tick 5 pm? Are you somebody looking to jump into the freelancing world? Are you a full-time working professional or someone puzzled to choose which path to walk in.No worries, Whoever you are, we are here to guide you with the best for you?

Are you looking for the best freelancers to hire?



If you are someone who is looking for freelance services from the best professionals and trusted resources, We have got your back!



Tracking the Service Delivery -They do not just help you find the right fit and also make sure you get the work done just in time.



Pay as per Progress - This policy is best suited because in case you are a person looking to hire a freelancer, you get the fullest benefits in time, and also, the freelancer who provides his extensive service gets the money based on the value provided. It's a win-win situation for both of them!



What skills should a freelancer possess?



A freelancer is like every other full-time professional in terms of skills and sometimes even more. They work for themselves and are self-employed. They do not work for any organization. Most importantly, the good skills that would greatly help a freelancer shine would be:



  • Communicate: Talk with industry experts and also get to exchange meaningful conversations with people in your network. That way, you will open doors to more opportunities.
  • Create Content: Use the power of social media to the fullest extent possible. You will need to showcase your skills consistently to get your work valued and get high-paying clients as well.
  • Passionate to Learn: Your learning journey should never have an end. To stay on top of things, you will need to build your skillset accordingly.

In today's online world, your options, of course, are widespread:



  1. Attend workshops related to your niche
  2. Attend Valuable courses to get to know new things
  3. Complete certifications that are of immense value

There are various areas in which a freelancer can help a business. I have listed a few skills that are in trend and would help you make a six-figure income in 2022.



Top 10 skills in 2022:

















1. UI Designing - This skill primarily focuses on designing services for websites and mobile applications.



2.CopyWriting - Writing a copy that sells rather than just attracts for websites, emails, social media content, sales, and marketing is something in demand and every business out there, irrespective of the domain, needs a kickass copy to grow their brand.



















3. Content Writing - This is a wide area to explore, starting from creating a blog and writing articles. This skill would require deep research skills as an add-on since you will have to work for clients from multiple industries like fin-tech, travel, fashion, healthcare, lifestyle, academic and also legal.







4. Digital Marketing Services - This includes Social Media Marketing, SEO Audit services and also ads campaigns for social media platforms such as Facebook and Google. The skill would never go outdated since the world today runs on digital marketing, and everybody has moved online. All Digital Marketers out there is the need of the hour.















5. Social Media Content - Writing posts for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and also Twitter tweets for busy founders, entrepreneurs or any professional for this matter is something you could get your hands on if you're someone who loves creating content.







6. Translation and Proofreading - Proofreading/editing content and language translation services have been in demand for a long period now since the diversity in business has been expanding beyond horizons.







7. E-commerce Business Services - Since most of the brick and mortar stores are stepping foot on digital marketing, they badly need someone who could manage their eCommerce services right from account management to product/catalogue listings.







Start your Freelancing Journey!







Suppose you are all set to start your freelancing journey. You ought to take notes now!







Pick up our niche



You will always need to be clear on your goal before you make up your mind to be a freelancer because this journey involves your time, effort and skill personal. If you were working for an organization, you would work according to the expectations of the client with fixed payments.



As you move into freelancing, you are the decision-maker here, meaning not to brag you can charge whatever. You will have to be fully aware of what you expect to become out of this freelancing journey.



From my experience, I would say specialize in one particular thing and rule like a king. You can, of course, be skilled in various aspects. 



Say you are a writer and also a marketer, so which skill would you like to be known for? Of course, you can be an expert in both, and you might also be familiar with designing for social media. In this case, it is better to be fully aware of what value you offer for your services and then pick clients.



If you are starting up, my best advice would be to focus on one thing at a time. Do work with clients who badly need that service, say you are a UI Designer, find and work with people who needs an extra spice to their website look. Make it your specialization. You will understand the reason behind "one thing at a time" when we talk about pricing.



Be crystal clear on what services you offer.



It is mandatory to sort it right before getting started. It is always good to know what you do and what you don't. You may be a jack of trades, but do you want to be known as an expert in one particular field and rock it or be a spoon of everything. Whom do you think has more value? The latter I would prefer any day.



Only if you can get this box ticked you will be able to upskill yourself in that particular skill and align with the pay that you wish to receive for your work.



Upskill - Learn a little more!



In the fast-moving tech world, you will need to be on top of things to get noticed. If you are clear with your point 2, this step comes in handy. Constantly take up online/offline courses and work with multiple clients on your niche that proves your diverse expertise in various circumstances.



Start working for your clients.



Be picky with your clients. Yes, you heard that right! You may wonder I've just started with my freelancing journey. If I am picky right now, how will I cope? I've got you.!



Be picky with providing the right value to the right people. This way, it will not only be beneficial for the client but also for yourself to build a kickass portfolio in the long run. Remember your portfolio speaks right before you open your mouth. Get creative on the type of projects you work on in your niche and the expertise you gain with various valuable clients.



Before approaching a client/business, always ask yourself two questions?



  1. What value will I be able to add to their business?

  2. Do their values and mine intersect?

  3. Will they be able to afford the pay range I am worth?

  4. If you feel the answers to all these questions are "YES", only then add the person to your client list.


Have a kickass portfolio to showcase



Owning a portfolio is undoubtedly a must-have for a freelancer. If you do not have prior full-time experience in the service you are providing as a freelancer, your portfolio can open doors for new opportunities.



It's worth having a portfolio website featuring your works whenever you approach a client. It not only gives them trust and also adds credibility to your work.



Determine your pricing based on credibility



If you are just getting started, be flexible with your expected pay. Learn your skills and gain experience working with multiple clients. With experience comes in handy the immense value you will be able to offer to the fore-coming clients.



Start fixating your pay based on your efforts and estimated results promised as your clientele grows.



Happy Freelancing!






1. Which is the best platform to find freelancers?



There are a lot of companies that allow you to find freelancers such as freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork







2. Which is the best place to find your clients?



Personal branding is your savior in place. Make the fullest use of platforms like Linkedin and Instagram. Apart from this, there are also professional websites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can find potential clients in no time.



3. Is prior experience required for a freelancer?















The experience here is only the skills. Being highly skilled in the services you offer will take you places.







4. Does a freelancing career give you financial stability?







It depends on how well you build your portfolio solely. You will need to network with potential clients to get your value to the world.






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