5 High-Value Brand Awareness-Boosting Promo Marketing Gifts

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When running a promotional marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you only give out gifts that are of high value (especially if you’re trying to craft customer loyalty). Being intelligent and cost-conscious about what gifts you select for your next campaign is critical as well. To help you make the right choice, here are five high-value brand awareness-boosting promo marketing gifts that you should be considering: 

1. Polo Shirts

If you want your customers to equate your brand with value and class, you need to give them a promo gift that embodies these qualities. In terms of gifts that you can buy in bulk with ease, branded polo shirts are one of your best options. Not only are they surprisingly affordable when bought in bulk, but you can place your logo onto them with ease. After all, people love to look at what little logo is emblazoned on polo shirts when they see someone else wearing them. If you can make your logo look awesome and natural on a polo shirt, your customers will want to wear them out in public, and each time they do so, they’ll be exposing hundreds of new people to your brand! 

2. Camping Chairs 

For companies that serve highly active customers, giving out promo gifts that will give them something of practical use is highly recommended. Camping chairs are another promo gift that is surprisingly cheap when bought in bulk, although branding them can be a bit more tricky. For those who like a challenge, and who want to give customers the gift of comfort during all their outdoor activities, giving out branded camping chairs is an absolute no-brainer. You can even give away excess camping chairs from your campaign to your employees to help boost morale, and inspire them to take it easy in the great outdoors when they’re off the clock. 

3. Drinking Glasses 

If you want an especially affordable, but high-value promo gift for your next promo marketing campaign, branded drinking glasses may be the answer that you’ve been looking for. People love to drink out of glasses that are made specifically for alcohol and mixed drinks, and if you’re serving customers who love to party, they’ll be psyched to receive a unique promo drinking glass to add to their collection. Another benefit of drinking glasses is that they are beyond easy to slap your logo onto. You can even add contact information and social media profile links onto the glass if you feel like it. The more creative you get, the more likely your customers are to be thrilled by the gift of a branded drinking glass. 

4. Headphones 

No matter what type of customer base you’re serving, the gift of a free pair of quality headphones will be sure to excite them. After all, people tend to lose or misplace their headphones frequently, so if you can provide them with a backup pair (or even a soon-to-be go-to pair), you will earn their loyalty. Headphones are also one of the most budget-friendly promo gift items on this list (as long as you buy them in bulk). If you want to get extra fancy or send gifts out to your top-tier customers, you can even go for noise-canceling headphones with your brand emblazoned on them. 

5. Cocktail Gift Set

Speaking of drinking, many companies will connect to their customers by sending out promo gifts that provide party favors, rather than just glasses to enjoy. Cocktail gift sets are best used for your highest of high rollers, however, as they are the most expensive promo gift option on this list. If you budget right, and send out these cocktail gift sets to the right subset of your customers, however, you’ll have a nearly guaranteed promo marketing success story on your hands in no time. Just be sure to study up on what type of cocktail sets are fashionable before putting in an order. Taste-testing the set you’re considering is also recommended, so that you can guarantee that you’re sending your Highroller customers a truly valuable and delicious promo marketing gift. 

Unlock Benefits via Promo Marketing

If done right, promotional marketing campaigns can unlock tons of highly valuable benefits for your company. From boosting your brand awareness, to bringing back old customers, promo marketing will help you run a successful business. When putting together your promo marketing campaign, however, you must put plenty of time into researching what type of gift will most impress your target consumer base. If you can do so successfully, you’ll see your sales skyrocket! 


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