Best fields for women in technical schools

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Technical schools make technicians we all know, and many of our parents want their sons and daughters to go to technical schools, to be a technician, for a reason.

Why a technician? 

Because technical knowledge can never keep a person with empty pockets. They, literally, know how to repair, fit, inspect, or even modify any system depending upon the field they get into.

How much does a Technician earn?

On a basic structure, technicians earn a good amount. It is also estimated in the research, that a technician earns about $ 18.36 in an hour in the US and about $8,250 in a year.

The value can vary in accordance with the field and job profile of a candidate.

Yes whenever we talk about technical school, we first take our thoughts to engineer, web designer, electrician, plumber ( including all training-based jobs), but what is for the women who want to earn great and want to fulfill their needs and run their house and kids.

Does the gender gap exist in technical jobs?

Sadly, yes, a gender gap exists, not only in the under-developed, developing countries but also in developed countries, mind striking truth - gender gap still prevails. Research by AAUW revealed that women in the US working for 8 hours earned just 80% of their opposite gender counterparts. The value again varies with the states but existence is there for sure.

The gender gap leads to the women getting paid less as compared to the males working with a similar effort in the same post. Masculinity comes to dominancy in the workplace as well if it's labor force, technical repair works, or anything else.  It is very difficult to find a technology company as well, for the women, where they are appreciated equally on the pay scale level.

Don't lose hope girls, we are here to help.

How to become a technician?

To be a technician one should have technical experience and qualifications as well in order to deal with any issue provided. Also, the employers would look at the technical school you gained a diploma or degree from.

  • The first step should be decision making, what field you want to work in, whether it will fit you in many ways? Research what qualification you should have for that.

  • The second step should be to check the type of license you might need for that (if required)

  • The third step, look for the alternate option considering your gender as well (this matter too). Making you aware, you can also be a technician in the media or beauty industry. Why I'm saying this is because these two fields are the area of work that is very much dominated by women than men.

What are the best technical work fields for women?

Software developer:

Technical writer


Beauty technician 

Architecture and engineering

Media arts

Computer and IT managers

Data analyst

Helpdesk technician

The list is huge and the various technical jobs need a lot of earning and experience to earn that good handsome amount. If you are completely looking for a job that is a women-centric technical one then, keeping in mind the overpowering scope of the beauty industry in 2022, persuaded us to recommend you to get in beauty technician jobs like skin therapist, nail technician, etc, 

What do nail technicians do?

A nail technician is believed to be one of the US best jobs in 2022. A nail technician is basically one who has skills in trimming, designing, polishing, repairing, cleaning, filling, fingernails and toenails. Also, known as manicurists and pedicurists. The work areas are salons, spas, or even their own start-ups, which sounds kind of cool right and comfortable as well. 

Not just this, you can later put more services in order to expand the business. Nail technicians, sell various nail care products, review them and provide customer service. People consider manicures and pedicures in luxury these days and nobody can ignite not getting these irrespective of gender. Nail services bring about $ 8.4 billion in revenue in the US  in 2018, as per the report of a statistics company.

How to become a nail technician?

No one can become a pro technician in a  night. With time, learning various hacks and ways on how the nail technician work structure gets solid and rigid. Survey on the best nail tech schools where you can get your skills from. Apply for the nail tech program and get started in less time than that of other technical skill jobs. The nail technical programs take about 300 to 600 hours to get completed. The time can be shortened depending on the learning power and skill of the person.

Take a note of these requirements to become a nail technician:

  1. Diploma of your high school

  2. Manucurist/pedicurist license

  3. Training program and hand-training nail tasks.

  4. Awareness of all the techniques included in nail technology

  5. Better Customer dealing skills.

  6. Good communication ability

What is the salary of nail technicians?

The salary of nail technicians varies from one state to another. For instance, nail technicians in the USA earn about $34,000 in a year ($16.59 in an hour). The entry-level salary is estimated to be about $18,000 per year. The highest salaries of a nail technician training are seen in states Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin & Idaho. 

Tips to become a successful nail technician:

  • Promote the services or combos while booking basic manicure/pedicure 

  • Make a precise list of services(  not too many not too less)

  • Provide fix appointment slots (fake it till you make it)

  • Don't put in front a lot of explanation. Be confident in what you own or products you work with

  • Keep track of products and monitor them 

  • Try easy, seamless payment methods

  • Avoid using too much product.

Bottom line:

 Getting stability subsides to finding secure, high-paying jobs as it ultimately leads you to shape your career. it s even more important for ambitious women to move, hustle and get to the goal, earn better to open doors for a good life of not only but also her children. You can go for the non-traditional or non-conventional job profiles and get the benefit of not belittling yourself anymore and working freely.


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