Programmable Marketing Basics Answers 2022

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Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers, Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers 2022
Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers, Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers 2022

Programmable marketing basics Answers

1. What would be the best key performance indicator for a coffee company that just opened and is trying to attract a new clientele?

Video views of a new video talking about their unique selling point around how they roast coffee

Number of customers who asked for a loyalty card

Number of up-sells of pastries and baked goods

Number of coffees purchased

2. Ormond, who works for a national basketball franchise, wanted to reach more fans with new content. They identified new segments and aimed to deliver real-time, online, live game footage. Conversions were really low. Why didn’t this work?

Most likely, the targeted audience wasn’t segmented properly or the creative wasn’t strong enough to capture audience attention.

Something must have gone wrong with the tagging of the analytics. The attribution algorithm wasn’t set up properly either.

The quality of the footage wasn’t appropriate. Most likely unforeseen and unreported technology issues were to blame.

The fans they identified weren’t verified properly during the pre-advertising survey that was sent out.

3. If you wanted to understand if the impressions you purchased were actually seen by customers, what measurement concept would you ask to know more about?

Brand efficacy



Brand love

4. You’re surfing some of your social media sites and the exact same electronic music school advertisement from earlier in the day appears. Earlier, you clicked on the ad, but this time you don’t. What could have been done to be more relevant in that micro-moment?

The marketers should have focused only on environmental signals.

The marketers could have relied on more media signals.

The marketers should have ignored this micro-moment.

The marketers’ ad could have said how your friend “liked” the school.

5. Your manager thinks the detail you’ve used in your customer portraits isn’t necessary. What should you do next?

Advocate for keeping the detail in the portraits because it represents very accurately what the people in your focus groups told you.

Point out that the more you know about your audience, the more targeted you can be with your messages across the entire journey.

Agree with your manager and redo all the portraits according to his vision. Implement a best practice to follow suit.

Say that you see his point and that this is just a way for you to glean more insights. You’ll be prioritizing demographic data only.

6. Imagine you’re trying to convince your board that investing in programmatic technology would be a step forward for your company. What do you think would convince them?

Explain that with so many customers now using several devices, the journey is complex. Programmatic finds insights from your data for you, so you’ll be able to save on resources.

Focus on getting direct buying and real-time bidding right. It will seem expensive at first, but you’ll be able to save money by delivering one message throughout the entire journey.

Insist that all of your competitors are using it, so you have to stay relevant. You’ll be able to keep your last-click attribution method because regardless of technology, it’s still the final conversion that truly counts.

Tell them that after the initial investment and training, the efficiencies and return on investment would be worth the effort. There’s no better way to personalize and scale.

7. To capture the “Do” stage for a marketing campaign selling men’s razors, you invited users who watched your entire pre-roll ad to sign up for a newsletter on male grooming trends. The results were dismal. Why?

This was a great idea to reward loyal customers.

This would have been better as an awareness campaign.

This tactic would have been appropriate for the “Think” stage.

This tactic didn’t consider personas or opposites attract thinking.

8. If you were asked to explain programmable marketing to your peers, what should you say?

It’s about buying ad space when and wherever you want. It increases the complexities around decision-making and measurement, but the return on investment is worth the effort.

It’s the strategy behind the activation of technology that automates, scales, and personalizes marketing messages across the entire customer journey.

It’s really effective when trying to target a customer on one specific part of the customer journey. The key is choosing the right technology at the right time.It’s really effective when trying to target a customer on one specific part of the customer journey. The key is choosing the right technology at the right time.

It’s the tools, such as demand-side and supply-side platforms, available to help scale, personalize, and automate marketing messages across the entire customer journey.

Programmable marketing basics Assessment Answers 2022 (9-18)

Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers, Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers 2022
Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers, Programmable Marketing Basics Assessment Answers 2022

9. The other day you were searching for electronic music schools and visited some related sites. A few days later you were curious about how many calories were in the curry rice you had at lunch and searched “calories in curry rice”. You landed on a site with nutritional tips and noticed a display ad for an electronic music school. You decide to click on it. What signal was used to target you with this ad?

All those who searched for a recipe

People who searched for “where to buy chicken curry”

People who were interested in half marathons in the area

An earlier site visit of electronic music school

10. Imagine you’re prepping your team about an upcoming programmatic campaign and someone asks you how you’ll actually plan and buy ad space. What do you say?

This happens with demand-side platform technology

You’ll use ad publishers to help you with this

You’ll have to research all the different trading desks and pick one to help you

Use anything but an ad exchange to help with running campaign

11. What would be the best format and message for a women’s clothing retailer in the “Do” stage?

Blog post outlining fashion trends

Newsletter on tips to take care of your new garment

Search ads with discounts and a site-link extension leading to product

Skippable pre-roll ad talking about how the clothing is manufactured and designed

12. Which programmatic tool allows you to purchase individual impressions in auction-based environments?

Ad publishers

Trading desks

Demand-side platforms

Ad exchanges

13. Jenni sells custom-printed t-shirts and knows that customers begin their journey online with research on their mobile devices and end up making most purchases using their desktop. Her measurement report shows that mobile had no impact. What would you recommend to solve this measurement problem?

Stop investing in mobile messages and encourage other forms of creative

Try a time-decay attribution model alongside a last-click one

Rethink all strategy and start over including devising your own model

Make sure attribution models account for cross-device conversion

14. Louise, who works for a computer company, is trying to understand why customers she targeted in the “Care” stage didn’t convert. She sent them a “For your first purchase of software, get a discount” display ad. Why didn’t this work?

This message catered to customer awareness.

This message would have worked better for the “Do” stage.

This message would have worked better for the “See” stage.

This message would have worked better for the “Think” stage.

15. You just received low results from an awareness campaign for a local non-profit you manage. You used a wide array of signals to make sure you provided relevant answers across the entire journey. What will you try next time?

Combine fewer signals, so that you reach more people

Completely start over from scratch with a new campaign

Combine even more signals, so that you are sure to reach more people

Absolutely nothing and let this pass you by as a lesson learned

16. Rodrigo’s campaign to increase automobile sales using an online car configurator didn’t convert as hoped. The configurator usage was high, but sales were low. What went wrong?

The “Care” section of the customer journey was ignored.

Programmatic can’t track online and offline sales very well.

The algorithm on the data-driven attribution model was off.

The attribution model fails to take the role of the configurator into account.

17. You work for a perfume company and identified a customer portrait for young, working moms who are fans of organic, natural products. How would you target them during the “Think” stage of See, Think, Do, Care?

Create a search campaign based around the terms “looking for organic, hypoallergenic perfume”

Deliver a display ad that promotes a blog post on the top perfume ingredients that work well for children who have allergies

Make a pre-roll, skippable video ad that showcases the lifestyles of your target audience

Send out an exclusive newsletter with instructions on how to apply for a loyalty discount card

18. Ron markets football cleats for a sporting goods company and ran a dynamic campaign in the hope of increasing sales volumes. Conversions in the “See” stage were really low. Which explanation is the most plausible?

He may have used too many signals to target his audience, his message may been better suited for the “Think” stage, and the key performance indicator for the “See” stage could have been wrong.

He forgot to account for the app campaign that was running concurrently. In the app, customers were invited to join an exclusive club where they received information others didn’t.

He could have used the wrong format for his one marketing message. What is also probable is that he made a spelling error when inputting the settings in his programmatic tools.

He most likely provided too many details for the three customer portraits he chose. There is also a good chance that he didn’t use See, Think, Do, Care effectively.

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