Ad Exchange Brand Controls Basics Answers 2022

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A Partner Program channel can serve ads on YouTube once it reaches 100 views.



Who controls the type of site content that’s acceptable for your ads to appear on?


Industry-respected certification organizations


Consumers who watch ads

Why would an advertiser use pre-targeting vertical exclusions?

If they wanted to prevent their ads from running on a specific mobile app

If they wanted to prevent their ads from running on mobile and tablet devices

If they wanted to prevent their ads from running on inventory from specific domains, channels, videos, and about certain subjects

If they wanted to prevent their ads from running on a specific publisher domain

These were created to promote a positive community for video creators, users, and advertisers alike on YouTube.

Google Display Network Policies

AdSense Program Policies

YouTube Community Guidelines

YouTube Partner Program

Pre-targeting URL exclusions

An Advertiser Wants To Serve On Sites That Are Suitable For All Age Groups And Wants To Prevent Their Ads From Running On Sexually-Suggestive Content. What Brand Control Should They Use?

Third-party verification

Sensitive categories1123

Pre-targeting vertical exclusions

Pre-targeting URL exclusions

To be eligible for advertising, which of the following must videos comply with?

Advertiser friendly content guidelines

AdSense Program Policies

Search Network Policies


How does Google determine which content is suitable for advertising on the Display Network?

All publishers are required to adhere to the AdSense policies, which dictate the types of content suitable for ads.

Publishers tell Google which content is suitable for ads.

Once Google approves a new publisher, all of that publisher’s content is eligible to serve ads through the Display Network.

It categorizes content into three categories: low, medium, and premier.

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