10 Errors of Netflix and How to Troubleshoot them

10 Errors of Netflix and How to Troubleshoot them

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Netflix has successfully created a name globally by being the best entertainment streaming service. Its use is recorded in over 190 countries, where they have over 120 million subscribers. Therefore, they need a big team to ensure their system is well maintained and serves the viewers right.

However, there are recorded issues with Netflix that most of us have influenced when using Netflix. They may be due to poor network connection, outdated data still on your device that needs updating, if you have bookmarked Netflix on your browser or if you are detected using a VPN, among other issues.

However, you do not need to contact customer care because you can troubleshoot with easy steps from your seat. These steps are common to resolve most if not all of the issues. You only need a guide on which troubleshooting measure to use for which error.

The most common troubleshooting tips are; restarting your device, restarting Netflix from settings, increasing or stabilizing your internet connection, accessing Netflix from their website instead of the app, accessing Netflix from a PC or laptop instead of your phone disabling location blockers, among others.

Some errors, such as Netflix error code UI-800-3 and NW 2-5, are the most common but only take a few seconds to fix. Below are ten errors of Netflix and how to fix them.

Netflix Error Code UI 800-3

If you have ever been prompted with, “Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device," then you were experiencing Netflix error code UI 800 3. It usually flags a problem with the data in Netflix on the device you are using to access Netflix. This is maybe because the data is missing or has to be refreshed.

Try restarting the device you are using to enable the data to refresh. Signing out then back in on Netflix has also worked. Finally, one can disconnect from their internet connection to a new one or back to the same network after restarting their router.

Netflix Error U7111-5070

Netflix has content for all age brackets, and they have devised ways to ensure that our kids do not access mature content. For example, on this error code, Netflix requires one to verify their age if they suspect it is being accessed by someone who hasn't reached the recommended age limit or if certain content requires one to be over a certain age.

To solve this error code, one has to verify their age on the Netflix website and confirm that they are not too young to access their desired content.

Netflix Error Code 13018

This error is common for android devices or/and tablets. The device's internet connectivity is wanting, and thus the connection with Netflix content does not go through. With this error, viewers cannot open the Netflix app or access it via the web because of the connection issue.

To get back to your show, you can try a few things, namely, restarting your whole internet network equipment, restarting the devices you are using to access Netflix, or try connecting to another network. Improving your network signal is the main thing to do here.

Netflix Error Code UI-113

With the massive content on Netflix, the data you have stored for Netflix on your device may be running behind on refreshing. The code UI-113 indicates this problem – that the information on your device for Netflix needs updating. You can recognize the code after being prompted, “We’re having a problem starting Netflix.”

Accessing your Netflix account through the web may help you use the updated information missing on the app. After this, you can now refresh the device data, and after signing out, then back on Netflix, open Netflix from your app with no error. Again, having a stable internet connection will help the updates install easily.

Netflix Error Code 10008

This error code is experienced when using an Apple device. For example, when a viewer using an Apple device has network problems, they reply that a problem occurred while playing the item.

The message should not scare you because you can easily troubleshoot the issue by; restarting your device to stop anything that may have been taking up your bandwidth, signing out of Netflix, and then back in, trying a new Wi-Fi or internet connection. However, the problem cannot be solved if the internet speed is too weak for streaming.

Netflix Error Code M7111-1331

Anyone using the Google Chrome browser has probably experienced this error. There are two potential causes. If you had bookmarked your Netflix on Chrome, the page might no longer be supported. Also, if you add an extension not compatible with Netflix on your browser, this error applies.

To fix this error, one has to access Netflix.com directly and disable the browser extensions incompatible with Netflix.

Netflix Error 12001

This error pops up, interrupting an android device user whose Netflix data needs refreshing. The user is prompted that the Netflix service is unreachable and urged to visit the Netflix website if the problem is persistent. Here, the Netflix information needs to be refreshed to continue watching.

The troubleshooting hack for this error is clearing cache and Netflix data from the android device and then signing in again. 

Netflix Error Code 0013

Still, on android devices, this error code is indicated when the Netflix data does not only need refreshing but there is a problem with the data. The problem could be solved by changing the network connectivity because a fresh connection prompts updates. 

However, if it prolongs, it is advisable to delete your Netflix app and install it again. Then, restart the device for changes to take place.

Netflix Error 10013

When trying to download a Netflix title on your android device or tablet, this is the error you are most likely to encounter. A few issues may prevent the download, such as stale information on the app or Wi-Fi settings preventing streaming or downloads. It may also be that the movie is unavailable for download.

To troubleshoot this error, changing the internet connection works for some issues. For example, restarting the device, clearing its data, or reinstalling the Netflix app.

Netflix Error 10023-10008

If your internet connection gets interrupted when attempting to download Netflix titles from an IOS device or app, you are more likely to encounter this error code. This error may even appear because of the wrong time on your device.

Troubleshooting this error involves setting your time automatically with the location time on your device. Connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection or an alternative stable internet source solves this error for the internet connectivity.


Netflix errors are common in occurrence, as are their causes. They shouldn't freak us out into thinking we have to go through the long, tedious process of calling or emailing customer care. The troubleshooting ways are common for most issues, and we may only be forced to contact customer care if they do not work.



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